Rescued Girl Transformed by the Love of Christ

Rescued girl transformed

A call came informing the team that a girl named “Sarah” had just been rescued from trafficking. She was a beautiful young lady of 13 years of age. The rescuers wept as they were so grateful that they were able to “save” another girl that had been stripped of her innocence. Sarah was placed in a “safe house” but soon it was clear that she was much younger than the other girls and needed more care and attention that a 13 year old needs.

It was decided that Sarah would be sent to government-approved, ministry-operated home. It wasn’t any time before Sarah was smiling and settling into her new environment. It would be easy to believe that once a rescue is made all problems are solved. Unfortunately once a rescue is made, new problems begin. Sarah had been robbed of a childhood. She only had a kindergarten education. What challenges lied ahead for Sarah. Most of the girls spoke Bengali but Sarah spoke Hindi.

Even attending a Bengali church became a challenge for her. After several months of attending church, Sarah gave her testimony at a church gathering. She stood tall and proud as she told 200 people that when she started church she prayed that God would give her the ability to speak and understand Bengali. She had such a desire to know what words she was singing, what words they were reading, and what words they were praying. She told how God heard her cry and gave her that ability. Her testing was spoken in Bengali.

Sarah has a beautiful voice and loves to sing. She sang one of the worship songs in Bengal for us. She has a song in her heart. No matter what challenges lie ahead, it is an inspiration to know that Sarah will just say “Bring it on, God is with me.”

About Rescuing Children of Sex Workers

This partnership of Christians in India is deeply involved in rescuing, housing, caring for, and rehabilitating the children of sex workers in their city. The parents of these children housed in each of the homes have asked the ministry to care for their children because they want something better for them.

Right now this ministry has two homes in East India—one for boys and one for girls—dedicated to the housing of these rescued children. Each home is a refuge and safe haven. They are key to keeping these kids off the streets and out of the red light district in the future.