What Happens After Children Are Rescued?

After girls rescued

The Rescuing Children of Sex Workers project in India focuses on a unique aspect of rescue work. One of their primary focuses is to rescue young girls and boys, the children of the workers caught in sex trafficking. Most of the boys and girls they rescue have already been exposed to the red light district through their parents. And typically the girls are being groomed to become sex workers themselves. Usually, the parents are desperate for their kids to have a different life.

And God is at work.

From Rescue to Rehabilitation

To function well, the Rescuing Children of Sex Workers project has a boys’ home and a girls’ home for after the children are rescued. Here, a loving staff of Christ-followers is ready to minister to the needs of the kids, physically and spiritually.

The children receive a gentle behavior and educational assessment. They go to school. They do Bible devotions and go to church. They get to have biblical counseling and therapy. They are loved and protected.

Healing Broken Hearts

The four newest girls to the girls’ home are just now beginning this process. They have experienced incredible trauma, but God is powerful to save them from their sin and shame. Most of these girls were illiterate when they came and had never been to school before.

Pray they will experience the transforming power of the gospel.

This partnership of Christians in India is deeply involved in rescuing children of sex workers. They are also involved in rescuing the sex workers themselves. They promote holistic transformation through the gospel for the poor, abused, abandoned, and marginalized. They prayerfully seek justice for the oppressed and make known the love of Jesus to all people.

Right now this ministry has two homes in East India. One is a boys home and one is a girls home. Each is a refuge and safe haven for the children of sex workers and it's key to keeping these kids off the streets and out of the red light district. The parents of these children housed in each of the homes have asked the ministry to care for their children because they want something better for them.

Meet the Organization: JKPS
Monthly education for a rescued girl - $30
Fully fund monthly expenses of a rescued girl - $250