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Sikh Business Communities Believing in Jesus

Indian Diaspora

A very faithful church member who was a Sikh background believer passed away suddenly from cardiac arrest. The man was a pioneer and a leader in a Punjabi church in Manila. In 2021 he was also a ministry pioneer in a new city with Sikh business communities. When he passed away, both congregations held memorial services for the godly man. This gave many people in the Indian Diaspora communities a way to hear the Gospel proclaimed.

An Old Believer in a New City

The man and his wife moved to a new city in 2021 to launch a business. Together with Mark and Shoni, they connected with Sikh people there. They began a regular ministry among the Sikh business communities of the city. When this godly leader passed away, Pastor Mark led a funeral service for the man in the city where he and his wife made their new home. Many people in the community heard the Gospel when Mark shared at the funeral.

A Pioneer in the Punjabi Congregation

The godly man was also a pioneer at the main Punjabi congregation in Manila. This church hosted a service to honor his life, and many families, relatives, and friends came. Again, Pastor Mark was able to proclaim the good news of eternal life in Jesus.

Please pray for the Sikh business communities who attended the funerals of this godly man to ponder the truths they heard share about eternal life. Mark and Shoni pray that many will put their faith in Jesus because of the testimony of this faithful believer.

Pouring Into New Leaders in Sikh Business Communities

To continue the influence of the Gospel in both cities and beyond, Mark and Shoni make it a priority to pour into leaders of the Sikh background believers. This is, "So that they can effectively reach out to their own people. We meet with them, train them, encourage them, pray with them, and stand with them if any problems they are going through."

New leaders are needed for the vision Mark and Shoni have to strengthen young churches and plant new ones.

"In the last two months we have found two new places for our outreach, evangelism and discipleship among Sikhs. These new places have great number of Indian population and has great potential to start church ministry over there. They are traveling with their motorcycles and joining our church."

Pray for the Work in Sikh Business Communities


Planting churches & training leaders, Mark & Shoni are reaching the Indian diaspora who have migrated to the Philippines for business and opportunity.

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  • Pray for new believers in Jesus to grow in their faith and have courage to share with their families.
  • Pray for Christian business people to work with integrity and have a godly testimony in the community.
  • Pray for the teaching and training of new leaders in church plants.
  • Pray for new followers of Jesus to learn how to apply the Bible to marriage and family life.
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