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New Births: New Church, New Sister

New births new church

Long lockdowns behind them and new lockdowns before them are impacting many Punjabi families. Loss of their businesses and livelihoods place a strain on the communities and affect the churches. Despite the hardships, Mark and Shoni praise God for new births. They're committed to reaching the Indian Diaspora living around the Philippines, starting in Metro Manila.

Prayer Walk to a New Church

Mark and Shoni used to prayer walk in Angeles City, claiming the city for Christ. About 3,000 people of the Indian diaspora live there. During the hardest of times brought on by the pandemic, a new church was born.

While unable to meet in person once again, the churches Pastor Mark leads around the Philippines creatively reach out to provide for practical needs and encouragement. Hearts are heavy, but hearts are open. Twice a week, they gather online for live streams of worship and Bible study.

“Despite the pandemic and all of the restrictions, we thank God for opening hearts of people towards the living God Jesus Christ through our online ministry activities.”

Celebrating a New Birth

Mark and Shoni visited one Sikh family on the occasion of their daughter’s 21st birthday. What better gift could they share but telling the Good News of God’s love for her and His purpose for her life? When the birthday girl heard the Gospel, she decided to be born again on her birthday!

“Please pray for her spiritual growth,” Pastor Mark asks. During all of 2021, as people faced trials brought on by the pandemic and natural disasters in the islands, Mark and Shoni shared hope in Christ. People responded.

“By God’s grace and all your prayers, we have witnessed Hindu and Sikh friends coming to Christ Jesus.”

Pray for the Work of New Births

Pray for Mark and Shoni’s ministry as they continue:

Also pray for these specific needs:

Pastor Mark and Shoni are fasting and praying about all of these needs. Would you choose a day to join them?

You can help reach the Indian Diaspora of Sindi and Punjabi/Sikh people with the Gospel by giving towards building rental, compassionate relief, or an SUV for outreach ministries.  Look here for ways to make a difference with a financial gift.


Planting churches & training leaders, Mark & Shoni are reaching the Indian diaspora who have migrated to the Philippines for business and opportunity.

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  • Pray for new believers in Jesus to grow in their faith and have courage to share with their families.
  • Pray for Christian business people to work with integrity and have a godly testimony in the community.
  • Pray for the teaching and training of new leaders in church plants.
  • Pray for new followers of Jesus to learn how to apply the Bible to marriage and family life.
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