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A Continual Harvest of Souls

Continual Harvest city

Mark came from an area of South Asia known for persecution. Destined to be the priest in his Hindu temple, his father turned from his religion to follow Jesus. Despite beatings and persecution, he chose a new legacy for his family. God used their conversion to begin a continual harvest. In their home state, Mark says, “Everywhere you go, you will feel and sense the opposition, rejection, and bias. It was a challenge for me to have my schooling education.”

As Christians, the family faced religious attack, persecution, and poverty. In the caste system, society treated them as outcasts.  Mark’s mother walked far to carry water, because local families refused to let them use the well. After all this, God planted a passion in Mark’s heart for the salvation of Indian people.

Specifically, Mark and his wife Shoni focus on Sindhi, Hindu, and Sikh people living as a diaspora in the Philippines. What are these Indian people groups doing in Metro Manila? They work as businessmen, IT expats, Diplomats, and Medical Students.

Mark says, “God is continually showing us a harvest of souls.”

Blessing Businesses with Prayer

Due to the pandemic, many church members and friends experience challenges in their businesses. Two church members lost everything due to the pandemic. Mark and Shoni visited their places of work to pray for the businesses. They use that opportunity to help others put their trust in Jesus and follow Him during difficult times. Mark knows what it is to trust through trials. These types of opportunities open doors for sharing the Good News of Jesus, as many go through very low times.

Blessing People with Basic Needs

Extended lockdowns and restrictions affect people in their ability to meet basic needs. “Small scale business people also have lost their businesses. Some of them had to vacate their house forcefully, due to no income, they are living with so much difficulty.”

Mark and Shoni show the love of Christ to families in distress. They help provide groceries, vitamins, and food items. Since they can’t travel to every place, they use motorcycle delivery to get supplies where they’re needed. “Many of our Punjabi church members also are affected, and added to that we are not able to gather in the church for worship. That also has affected our church revenue, but we thank God for some generous people, for their help to help the need people. Your prayers are highly needed.”

The boy whose family was once forced from the well is now a man helping others come be filled. “We believe when we pray together we will see great harvest.” – Pastor Mark

To learn more about Mark and Shoni or how to partner with them in their ministry of Reaching the Indian Diaspora, read HERE or go here to make a difference with a gift.

Pray for a Continual Harvest


Planting churches & training leaders, Mark & Shoni are reaching the Indian diaspora who have migrated to the Philippines for business and opportunity.

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  • Pray for new believers in Jesus to grow in their faith and have courage to share with their families.
  • Pray for Christian business people to work with integrity and have a godly testimony in the community.
  • Pray for the teaching and training of new leaders in church plants.
  • Pray for new followers of Jesus to learn how to apply the Bible to marriage and family life.
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