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From the Radio to the Street

Our partners from Radio Logos, Janez and Anja care deeply for the lost in Serbia. Only 0.3% of Serbians identify as evangelicals. That's why radio is a practical means to reach the masses with the Good News that Jesus Christ died and rose again to pay the punishment for sinners.

But, our friends are passionate about using other means of evangelism to learn more about the people they're reaching.

New Testaments for Free

Janez and Anja and a group of pastors took to the streets for a multi-day open-air outreach in the city square.

There, they placed a stand and a "New Testaments for Free" sign. Others in the group walked up and down the plaza greeting people, sharing the Gospel, and giving out New Testaments with Gospel Booklets.

Janez and Anja said, "It was a fantastic opportunity to talk to people and find out their troubles, religious positions, interests, struggles with the new situation, and otherwise. Some people were open to talking and took a New Testament; others were just raising their hands as if to say 'No!'—probably identifying us as Jehovah's Witnesses."

Almost at the end of the day, Anja approached one couple asking if they had ever read the Bible, and to her immense surprise, they said yes.

"What Is God's Real Name?"

The man asked Anja, "What is God’s real name?" Of course, this clued Anja in about what religious affiliation this man might have, but she had no idea that he was the leader of the Kingdom Hall! He wanted to know who Janez and Anja were and why they were doing this because he had never seen anybody else doing such an outreach besides their members. Since April 2020, the Jehovah's Witnesses there have had no gatherings and are not witnessing on the streets.

The conversation lasted for more than half an hour in a friendly mood. By answering his questions, Anja witnessed from the open Bible that Jesus is the incarnated God, the Promised Seed of woman from Genesis 3.

How to Pray for the People of Serbia

Through their outreach, Janez and Anja confirmed that about half of the people they approached were willing to talk. They saw unexpected people have open ears and hearts. And they saw two significant groups: Orthodox-Atheists (former communists who converted to Serbian Orthodoxy due to the national identity) and Orthodox-New-Agers (they believe in a mixture of Christian-Orthodoxy, Hindu-Buddhism, and Serbian paganism).

Pray that God would allow those who are open to hearing about the truth to listen to Radio Logos and hear and believe the Gospel.

Pray that even people we wouldn't expect to have open hearts (especially those of other religions) would humbly admit their need for a Savior and believe in Jesus Christ.


The ministry of Radio Logos has purposed to share the Gospel by means of print, radio, audio recordings, video recordings, and written correspondence.

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  •  5.5 million people live in Slovakia, and only 0.3% of them are evangelicals. Pray that Logos Radio will reach many of them.  
  • 1.5 million Slovaks live as expats around the world. Pray that Logos Radio will bring the Gospel into their homes so that they may receive salvation through Jesus Christ.

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