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Sharing Good News in Bad Times

sharing good news

Resources have always been limited on Cyprus, so the relationship with the mainland has always been important. But a view to the governments and economies in the north, east, and south looks tenuous. Because of the crisis in Ukraine, inflation has risen, taking the cost of electricity with it. As people go to and from their places of work, a large part of the Cypriot population depends on the radio to stay on top of current events. They hope they'll hear someone sharing good news, but it's hard to find these days.  

How Does Good News Sound?

Listeners to the Christian Radio Ministry find much-needed hope. The station broadcasts the New Testament daily in three languages, along with programs like Focus on the Family, Adventures in Odyssey, and original worship music.  

Recently, one lady called from the city of Paphos. She said that she enjoys the programs so much as she goes to her work in the morning, and comes back in the afternoon, listening to the programs that explain the Bible. Another man contacted the station from Limassol, saying that he listens to the programs while he drives home from work. He shared that the content relaxes him so much and gives him strength, especially the reading of the New Testament.  

Listeners find hope despite difficult times in the region. As they experience encouragement and strength, they share with others. A young lady from Nicosia called.

"I want to know more about Jesus; could you please send me the New Testament and the DVD of Jesus?"

Sharing Good News to Be Shared

The station acts as a resource for people looking for a copy of God's Word or a way learn about the life of Jesus. Another lady called to ask if the station would send her one of the messages she heard, because she wanted to give it to her friends to listen.  

People are hearing good news on Cyprus! As people listen, God works in their hearts individually.

An older listener called from the city of Larnaca, and Chryso answered the phone. The woman had so many questions. They talked for almost an hour about God, the love of God, death, and eternal life. She's been listening to the station for years, and God is working in her heart.  

There is good news to be heard on Cyprus, faithfully broadcast from the Christian Radio Ministry. Rising inflation and higher electricity costs make it hard to keep the signal strong. You can partner with this ministry of proclamation.  

*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.


The Radio Ministry Cyprus desires to proclaim the truth of God’s word across a strategic geographic location for more than just an hour of listeners' lives.

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  • That God would lead people who are ready to receive Christ to  listen to the radio station at the right time to hear the Gospel.
  • That God would provide the station with the funds and personnel they need to keep operating.
  • That God would protect everyone involved with the radio station as they serve, given the religious and political climate of the area.
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