When a Brother Prays

brother prays

Arjun first heard about Christ in 1997—more than 20 years ago! To a certain degree, Arjun believed in his heart, but he said he could not let go of his ancestral beliefs and traditions.

Arjun has an older brother, Sai. Sai has placed his trust in Jesus Christ and  volunteers with the Planting 300 Churches ministry in India. Sai has been constantly talking to Arjun about Christ and had been praying for him every day.

Sai asked the rest of the ministry to pray for his brother to have the courage to make a commitment to follow Christ completely. And God in his time answered their prayers.

It was such a time of celebration when Arjun decided to surrender his live completely to Christ and even obey him in baptism.

About Planting 300 Churches

A group of multi-ethnic followers of Jesus are making an impact in the heart of one of India’s most massive districts. Sitting prominently in the 10-40 window and bustling with millions of people—this country is full of the unreached. Through church planting and rescue work, God is using a dynamic church in India to establish more than 300 churches throughout the region. Praise God that over the past 10 years, we've seen thousands of individuals come to faith in Jesus Christ.