Ministry by the Numbers

by the numbers

Editor’s Note: The following is a “ministry by the numbers” report from the Planting 300 Churches project.

We thank God as a church-planting ministry that we celebrated 12 years of God’s goodness to us this month. God has done amazing things in our midst and we are humbled and grateful.


We continue to support 28 national workers. These workers minister among unreached people groups in over 65 villages. We thank God that these workers oversee around 40 churches and house churches. Their work touches the lives of around 1,500 children each week. We thank God that all of these churches are comprised of 1st generation believers.

Daughter Church facilities

We rejoice that our daughter Churches in the Sunderban Islands are continuing to grow and we cannot thank God enough for the tireless service of each of our missionaries.


Our last baptism was held this month. We thank God that around 20 are currently in Baptism Classes.

New Church Plant

We rejoice that the work in the new town has grown steadily. We have around 50 that attend our 4 house churches in this area. We are seeking God for a meeting place. We would greatly value your prayer support for this need.

Freedom Church

We praise God that the Church that we established for survivors of trafficking and trauma is growing steadily. We rejoice that many girls have placed their faith in Jesus. Some of them are praying and considering baptism. Pray that God will continue His work of healing in these precious lives.

About Planting 300 Churches

A group of multi-ethnic followers of Jesus are making an impact in the heart of one of India’s most massive districts. Sitting prominently in the 10-40 window and bustling with millions of people—this country is full of the unreached. Through church planting and rescue work, God is using a dynamic church in India to establish more than 300 churches throughout the region. Praise God that over the past 10 years, we've seen thousands of individuals come to faith in Jesus Christ.