The War in Israel: How a Cyprus Radio Station Broadcasts Hope

The war in Israel signals great opportunities for sharing Gospel hope with people who urgently need to know Jesus Christ the Savior.

Explosive Headlines

“Hamas Attacks Israel from Gaza.” “Israel Declares War.” “Evacuation Ordered.” “Residents Flee.” We’ve all read headlines like these. They prompt us to pray for peace and safety. They may cause us to discuss the political and humanitarian challenges in the Middle East. We may even consider the significance of these events in light of biblical prophecy. The war in Israel signals great opportunities for sharing Gospel hope with people who need to know Jesus Christ the Savior.

Gospel Broadcasting

Live Global partners Theo and Chrys in Cyprus have experienced increasing interest in their radio broadcasts that reach Israel and other Mediterranean nations. One listener wrote this: “The world is thirsty, and it is very difficult in the world we live in. We struggle for his grace.” They need Jesus, who said, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink” (John 7:37).
Theo and Chrys are powerfully motivated to respond to the growing opportunities resulting from the war in Israel. “As we all receive information about events in Israel, the entire region experiences ripple effects. In Cyprus, many Israelis are arriving…. Yes, it’s a vital time for the Cyprus Radio Ministry to faithfully broadcast God’s message of hope. Many are so close.”

Help Them Broadcast Faithfully

Theo says, “We are committed to keeping the Word of God, songs of hope, messages of truth, and helpful news on the air. Whatever it takes!” You can help them keep that commitment by praying for God to use the daily broadcasts to bring people to Christ throughout the region. Pray for Theo and Chrys as they minister to people fleeing the war and arriving in Cyprus. Pray for their financial needs to be met. Pray about giving generously to meet those needs, including payment for their transmitter ($3,700), and license renewal ($5,400). You can donate here.Give $100 to provide five hours of broadcasting. Look for the Radio Ministry on the Global Gifts 2023 page.