Without power, But Not Without Power

A cataclysmic combination of COVID-19, Cycolone Amphan, and economic lockdowns make it hard to go back to school. God’s power overcomes.

Students of the Friendship Children’s Schools are the poorest of the poor. There aren’t enough resources for families with many children whose parents are landless day laborers. Waves of turbulence have battered this already fragile region of Bangladesh in 2020. As Back to School season arrives, many feel powerless in the wake of COVID-19, Cyclone Amphan, and economic lockdowns. Just looking at the facts might lead us to agree.

  • 60% of parents are illiterate and unable to help academically
  • 40% of literate adults read at a low level up to Class 3
  • 60% of families have no work, worried more about food than school
  • The majority of student homes have no electricity
  • Some school buildings destroyed by the Cyclone are still unusable

But even a Pandemic cannot render us powerless. God prepared this national partner for flexible, mobile ministry during trying times. In the same chapter of Matthew describing how Jesus received children, we read His answer to the problem of a rich, powerful person entering heaven. “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26b)

Pandemic powerless

Continuing the work of the Free Friendship Ministries School may seem humanly impossible, but, “with God all things are possible.” Committed to using education to meet needs of those in economic and spiritual poverty, leaders shifted their approach. They already have local, trained, connected teachers and staff motivated by the life-changing Gospel of hope in Christ. With understanding relationships established, Friendship Ministries adapted to empower children and families to learn in new ways.

  • 13 Teachers are going house to house in home visit teaching formats
  • Teachers meet together once a month, despite higher travel costs
  • 6 schools have a total of 300 students
  • Teachers visit 5 families per day
  • Hygiene has been added to home lesson curriculum
  • Staff work to provide soap & masks when families learn hygiene
  • Academic and spiritual truths are taught to meet needs of all kinds
  • Teachers discover needs in established, trust-based relationships

Before the Pandemic or the Cyclone left so many feeling powerless, God prepared Friendship Ministries.

Live Global empowers national leaders and ministries. God has prepared us to engage globally, despite the limitations of the Pandemic. We are not rendered powerless. Opportunities exist for you to join in what God is doing through the Free Friendship Ministries School.

  • Pray for the 13 teachers, 300 students, numerous villages and families
  • Pray for national partner Pastor Ajit (Meet him here) to know God’s power as he leads
  • Share a global stimulus. See specific financial needs below or make a general gift of any amount.
  • Contact us to learn more about helping with costs to rebuild buildings.