Why the Mobile School Takes a Summer Break

While school won’t resume until September, the team at Grace Home focuses on evangelism in the area during summer break.

Heavy Rains

Summer Break begins in the month of May. Heavy rains to the country of Myanmar, result in it being prohibitive to continue traveling on the roads, to teach at the preschool in the slum areas of Pathein.

While school won’t be able to resume until September, Biak and the team at Grace Home focus on evangelism in the area during summer break. The military coup continues to disrupt the economic stability of the country, as such food relief efforts have become a fantastic way to reach the physical needs of the community while providing opportunities to meet spiritual needs, as well.

Church Ministry & Vision Casting

Church ministry is thankfully back to a consistent routine, and it has been such a blessing to be able to provide some stability for so many who are now facing ever-widening challenges, as the economy continues to suffer and many begin to worry about food shortages as the result of the disrupted global economy. 

Despite the trials they are currently facing, vision casting has begun for the purchase of land to be able to grow vegetables and other crops that will serve as a ministry as the country plunges into famine. Please pray for God’s provision, as there are many willing hands, but funds are needed to make this dream a reality.


  • For Health and safety of Biak and Esther’s family, as well as the church family, as they trust God to meet their daily needs. 
  • For the safe continuation of the preschool ministry once the roads once again become passable. 
  • For God to provide the finances to be able to reach an even broader area with the mobile school ministry.
  • For the safety and continuing education of the children under the care of Grace Home.
  • For God to provide land and the funding necessary for land on which to farm.