When Visitors Come to “Check it Out”

The new building not only provided some much needed room, but also piqued the curiosity of visitors who came just to “check it out.”

Baptisms: A Celebration of God’s Faithfulness

Over the past year and a half, God has proven his faithfulness over and over again through His provision for There is Hope Ministries in Croatia. After having to postpone for over a year, they were finally able to commemorate their one hundred year anniversary as a church in June of 2021, and also open their brand new building! 

The building was filled with brothers and sisters from all over the country (including many friends from political and business spheres). Throughout the rest of 2021, God saw fit to continue growing the church through multiple evangelism efforts! 

The new building not only provided some much needed room, but also piqued the curiosity of visitors who came just to “check it out.” Many of those that came accepted Christ, and through the first few months of 2022, not one, but two baptism services were held for those wishing to profess their decision to follow Jesus with their lives! These new believers are now enrolled in a discipleship course that will help them to grow in their faith as they begin their new lives!

Outreach Through Seminars, Conferences, and an Easter Production

This past February a marriage seminar was offered each Sunday, which culminated in a gala dinner, complete with jazz music and a short message. Thirty-five couples were able to attend, and many were introduced to Jesus!

In April the ministry was able to organize a missions conference for church leaders, missionaries, and potential missionaries; and served as a means of teaching and networking for those in attendance. What a gift to be able to encourage church leaders and those in ministry to continue to spread the Good News!

Their Easter production has remained one of their biggest outreaches, as it is televised each year throughout Croatia. The potential impact is great, as thousands of people who may have never even considered entering a church building before, can hear the message of salvation through Christ right in their living room.

Reaching Ukrainian Refugees

In addition to all of these, God has once again provided an opportunity for There is Hope Ministries to share the love of Christ—this time with the destitute and displaced people of Ukraine. Many people have fled their homes to Croatia, and there is a great need for services and support. The church itself has been able to host and provide care for seven people, including Pastor Sergej from Kiev, along with his family. Through their care for Pastor Sergej, they have also been able to reach out and minister to other displaced Ukrainian families living in the area. 

While the opportunities have been plentiful, there are still more people to be reached with the saving hope of the Gospel! Please continue to pray for Pastor Nenad and his team as they continue to follow God’s leading in reaching others for Him.

Prayer Requests:

  • For God to give strength and wisdom for more outreach events that are coming up, including English camp in June and a summer music tour.
  • For direction and finances to be able to continue working with Ukrainian refugees.
  • For God to provide funds for finishing up projects that need to be completed on the new building, including the installation of an air-conditioning system.