Touching the Future

National partners have continually demonstrated that they believe there is a God created opportunity in every crisis, this one for the future

Unique Opportunity

Our team of partners in a remote area of Myanmar is living through the pandemic and a military coup amid circumstances that are not optimal for ministry. But over the last two years, these national partners have continually demonstrated that they believe there is a God created opportunity in every crisis.

Schools in Myanmar have been closed since February 1st, 2021. When the military junta took control of the country, many teachers refused to work for the dictator, and even after covid lockdowns lifted, there have been only sporadic opportunities for schooling in the entire country. Tom, one of our partners on the UPG initiatives team, saw a unique opportunity to build a foundation for the next generation in the surrounding Unreached People Groups.

Engaging the Unengaged

Tom has begun to hold classes for young people from the Intha, Taunggyo, and Myaunggyi people groups. About a dozen elementary age kids are already attending classes in English, Computers, Math and the Burmese language. A basic understanding of who Jesus is and what it means to be a follower of Christ is also part of the daily lessons. In addition, his wife instructs anyone willing on basic sewing skills.

These young people all come from people groups that are unreached (less than 2% adherence to Christianity). Until our partners started this initiative in this area, these groups were also “unengaged”.

We can impact the younger generation and change the future for these UPG groups by giving back educated young people with moral character and the desire to contribute to society. Sowing believing young people back into the villages will eventually reap a harvest for the kingdom.”



  • Daily meal : $50 for one student per month
  • $100 per student for school supplies and books
  • One time gift to prepare boarding rooms for some students $1,200
  • One time gift of a battery and equipment to provide electricity when the public service is cut by the military junta- which is often!