Prostitute Asks, “What Do I Do Tomorrow?”

Samara’s dad requires her to bring home $50 per month as a prostitute. But Samara learned that as a follower of Jesus she could never be a prostitute again.

When Jesus walked into a new place, he was always drawn to the worst sinners.

And as he reclined at table in his house, many tax collectors and sinners were reclining with Jesus and his disciples, for there were many who followed him. (Mark 2:13–17)

And God used a pastor preaching a sermon series on this very topic to transform many lives to come.

Prostitutes Hear Sermon about Jesus Who Loves Sinners

This pastor—pastor Ebrahim—began a church in his city in the Middle East. God is stirring many hearts from all backgrounds to hear and accept the gospel in the Middle East.

Three girls who were prostitutes had been attending Pastor Ebrahin’s church for a few months. You could tell they were prostitutes by the way everyone looked at them.

One of them named Samara had been a prostitute since she was 13 years old.

During a sermon series at Pastor Ebrahim’s church, Samara heard that Jesus was always drawn to the worst sinners. She was excited to hear that Jesus loved sinners because she knew she was a sinner too! From that day she wanted to follow Jesus. But she had one problem.

“What Do I Do Tomorrow?”

Samara’s dad requires her to bring home $50 per month. Samara had no education and no training, which is why being a prostitute was her primary way to make money.

On the day she was saved, she met a North American missionary who was working with her pastor. She explained her situation and asked, “What do I do tomorrow?” Samara learned from her pastor and the missionary that as a follower of Jesus she could never be a prostitute again and was challenged to think about what she would like to do long-term to make a living in a Christ-honoring way.

Samara had always dreamed about having a hair, makeup, and nail salon. So she asked her new friends, “Do you think opening a salon to do hair and nails would make Jesus happy?” And together they decided, yes.

Samara cried as she realized her life was changing and that she would never have to sleep with another man for money.

The North American Role

This is how North Americans able to partner with believers across the globe for God’s glory. The North American missionary and his team agreed to help Samara fundraise the $50 a month for a short time while she completed cosmetology school. They found likeminded churches and individuals in the United States to help pray for and raise funds for cosmetology school for Samara and the construction of the New Life Salon. After this, Samara quickly became self-sustaining through her new business doing hair and nails.

Samara’s dream didn’t end with her own career though. Samara has a vision to see other women in the sex trafficking industry be saved by Jesus and given a new opportunity to make a living. Samara desires to open a beauty school to train other women to work in her salon where they can be free from the red light district.

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