Theological Training in Wartime

Seminary leaders & teachers carry on their work remotely. The seminary family prays & encourages each other in online chapel services.

Loving Odessa

Live Global partners Alex and Luba have served in Odessa, Ukraine for the past 20 years. Now they are not present in person because of the war, but their hearts are never away from the people they love and serve in Odessa. Normally, Alex shares his teaching gifts in a seminary and by leading theological seminars in rural regions of Ukraine.

Seminary in Wartime

Since Ukraine has been under attack, some of the seminary families had to separate. Women and children have left for refuge in other countries or in western Ukraine. Men have stayed behind. Seminary leaders and teachers are carrying on their work remotely. The seminary family prays together and encourages each other in online chapel services.

“Thank God that the buildings and territory of the seminary are not destroyed and can be useful! Our church in Odessa, which is located next to the seminary, continues to serve refugees from other regions, the army, and all those in need.”


Translation Ministry

An important part of Alex’s ministry is translating books into Russian. Recently he completed the translation of Proclamation and Praise: Hebrews 2:12 and the Christology of Worship by Ron Man. He hopes “that God will use the book among Russian speaking students all over the world! May God’s name be glorified!”


  • For Alex and Luba as they live far from their home and people they love.
  • For the seminary families in Ukraine.
  • For God’s servants working with refugees in and around Ukraine.
  • For fruitful teaching and translation work.