The Question of a TV Journalist

Matviy and Marichka, ministry workers, are some who chose to stay in Ukraine and it’s drawn the attention of a TV journalist.

Not everyone who can leave has chosen to flee Ukraine.

Some global ministry workers living in Ukraine have chosen to stay to serve their neighbors in tangible ways in order to have a open door to share about Christ. And this kind of thing has drawn attention of a TV journalist.

Matviy and Marichka, ministry workers who were trained by Aquila and Priscilla are some who chose to stay.

Live Global found out from Aquila and Priscilla that it’s even attracting the attention of the news:

“The national TV channel showed up and broadcasted an interview with them on their evening program. The question of the TV journalist was, ‘Why in the world do you support and help the elderly and young families in downtown Odessa? This is not your immediate family!’ Marichka had an open door to share about the love of our Lord to all people that is driving them to help. A wonderful testimony against the backdrop of a brutal and bloody war.”

Your Gift Matters

Live Global also learned from Aquila and Priscilla that “several extraordinarily generous donations have been helping us to support our interns in Odessa, Ukraine to continue their ministry among their neighbors. Matviy and Marichka say, ‘Thank you!’ to all of you.”

You can be apart of what God is doing in Ukraine by giving to Aquila and Priscilla’s project and praying for God to work in the hearts of people there.