The Mobile School is Purchased!

“When they told me the money to purchase the truck was in my account, Esther and I called the whole team together and we praised God.”

Biak and his wife Esther are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to be able to reach others with the Good News of the Gospel.

“When we first saw the idea of the mobile school, I knew this idea could work for where we do ministry, but the obstacles were many,” Biak shares. “The pandemic hit shortly after we became aware of this opportunity, and our church members were forced into lockdown. They are day laborers, so if they don’t go out, they have no income. In addition, lockdowns throughout the rest of the country  cut off funds from those who supported orphans in our care. Then, on February 1, 2021, the military staged a coup and changed our lives dramatically once again. Taking on such an expensive new project seemed impossible.  But I couldn’t let it go. God wanted me to keep praying and trusting.” 

Praying for a Truck

That was over a year ago.  With no funds in hand, Biak and Esther began to pray in faith. They began to research and plan out good locations for holding classes, and determined what materials were needed.  As they planned, the need grew exponentially, as all schools in Myanmar began to close. Through the donation of some land in a good location, Biak and Esther’s team  was able to develop a simple base where they could hold lessons for slum children. 

school in the slums

With this plan in place, Biak was able to share the good news that they could indeed begin teaching.  

Teaching While Waiting

“We can start school with 20 children ages between 3-6 years. There are many more children who want to join the school in that location, but due to the limitation of space and  volunteer teachers we will have to limit 20 students [at] this time.”

 They began holding classes in the raised, covered outdoor “pavilion” once covid restrictions were relaxed and the movement of the military allowed them to do so safely.  Several of their neighbor’s children began coming along to learn, as well! 

makeshift shelter

As they continued to hold classes in the slum area, wonderful things began to happen.  Three adults expressed interest in Christianity, and after attending Bible studies, they came to faith in Christ and were baptized! 

Believing in Jesus Despite the Cost

Biak reports that “Some kids believed Jesus whole-heartedly, but we are still praying to [be able to] give them water baptism safely, as well as for long term discipleship opportunities. If the community sees many teenagers and kids professing Christianity, this can create a problem for us.  We want to make sure the situation is stable first.”

Now there are three locations where Biak and his team have open doors to hold classes.  But for these, they will need to have the mobile school truck.  

“The school is free since we do it for approaching non-Christians with the Gospel. We will teach basic English, mathemathics, Burmese, ethics, and stories from the Scriptures. We have a plan in mind to invite high school students to learn [public] speaking at this location in the future.” 

They were waiting in faith and praying for the mobile school truck. 

God Made a Way

After months of praying and planning for God’s provision, Biak received amazing news!  God had provided the funds to be able to purchase the truck that they had been praying for! God used North American believers who heard about this need and vision for slum kids in Myanmar. Several of them gave of their own resources so that the Gospel could go forward.

“When they told me the money to purchase the truck was in my account, Esther and I called the whole team together and we praised God and said many words of thanks.”

Getting the funds into the country was challenging; but God made a way, and Biak was finally able to make the trip to the city with the deposit in hand.  He was also able to take a mechanic friend with him to inspect the truck, and when they were sure God had led them to the right one, they put down the deposit.

mobile school truck

“It is our great thanks to God, He lets us running school for the children (hope for the future) while many school are not working and students are not get chance to learn at all,” Biak said. “It is not enough to say our thanks to all our partners and donors supporting for Mobile School Ministry and family needs, too.”

Next Steps

While the truck has been purchased, more work is yet to be done. Biak and Esther have accepted only 20 students so far, due to limitations of volunteer capacity. They received some funding for desks and benches, but still need more. We still need to pray!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that God will provide the money to modify the truck into a learning classroom
  • For good health and safety for the staff
  • That they’ll be able to accept more students next semester