The Future Is Not Spirits and Superstition

All of the students in the Touching the Future Project are from unreached people groups. Recently, four of these young people were baptized.

“The future is not spirits and superstition,” national partners in Myanmar said. “The future is changing!”

Earlier this year, one of our partners in Myanmar opened a school in his home. The project is called Touching the Future. All of the students are young people from unreached people groups in the area. Recently, four of these young people were baptized.


“I didn’t clearly know what the Gospel is. Then my teacher was teaching the meaning of Isaiah 53:6. That my sin was put on Jesus. Now I don’t have to worry about my bad sins. I know what it means to follow Jesus.”

In addition to math, writing and reading in Burmese, the students learn English and have a Bible study daily and a weekly fellowship with other believers. In a country rife with civil war, a house with four or five ethnicities peacefully living together in close community is winning hearts in the community. In fact, many additional students want to attend the school in the future, but teacher Tom and his wife have no room.


A new student from another unreached people group just arrived. He is sleeping in this tent in
Tom’s living room. You can help expand this simple school by providing funds for future improvements and equipment.

  • Bunk beds ($90)
  • Tables for two students ($80)
  • Chairs ($50)