The Dorcas Sewing Center

Dorcas Sewing Center is a ministry of Mobilizing to Unreached People Groups. Dorcas Sewing Center was started by Lydia. Her father is the director of the Mobilizing project. Lydia has always loved sewing and teaching sewing. When she learned about all the young women who are trafficked from the remote villages of the unreached people groups being served by her father, she realized she could do something about it. The sewing center opened in June 2020, with eight students from unreached people groups (Palaung, Danu, Intha, Taungyo, and Hmong). 

“The students are truly the answer to the prayers that God would send us the very selected persons who would truly be saved. In addition to learning sewing, it has been great time with them to study the word of God as they look really interested in it.  We also teach them some really good Christian songs which they really like to sing. We sing them on Sunday worship service. We are hoping and praying that God would save them”. 

The students live together at the mission station in Christian community while they are at the sewing school. 

Meet Ava, from the Danu People Group

Ava is from the Danu people group. She has completed the basic level one sewing course at the Dorcas Sewing Center. Ava heard the Gospel from an indigenous ministry leader, one of the Live Global national partners, working in her area.  Living at the missions center and seeing the Christian community there caused her to pay serious attention to the Bible lessons and the devotions that the Christian brothers and sisters shared. She confirmed her faith in Christ and returned to her village.


Ava said, “I am able to share my testimony of Jesus to many people while farming. I have decided to return to complete the level 2 course at DSS.  I convinced my sister to go with me and it’s a big miracle—our parents have allowed us join as soon as the Covid lockdown is ended.”

After completing the second course, Ava hopes to open a sewing school to teach other young girls.  This will be under the guidance of the indigenous ministry leader in her area.

Meet Yi, from the Ruching Palaung People Group

Yi is from the Ruching Palaung people group. She graduated from the level 1 three-month basic course at Dorcas Sewing Center. While living at the mission station she settled her salvation in Jesus Christ.  She had heard about Jesus before coming, but the basic lessons fortified her faith and confirmed her decision to follow Christ. 

Yi and friends

While completing her course, she met one of the single indigenous missionaries, who had a burden for her people. The young couple were married and they returned to Yi’s village to live there and share the Gospel. In the future, Yi would like to return to take the second sewing course but right now, she is busy with their first child, a healthy boy!  After she can complete the advanced course, they would like to open another sewing school in her village. 

Meet Millie, from the Myaung Zee People Group

Millie is from the Myaung Zee people group. She has completed the level one sewing course of three months. Millie heard the Gospel before coming to the sewing center, but she was still unclear about her commitment. During the course, she had the opportunity to ask many questions. She was overjoyed that her questions were patiently and thoroughly answered. After leaving the Sewing Center, Millie married an indigenous missionary named Paul. He is from the Hmong people group. God has blessed them with their first child. After this baby is walking, Millie and Paul would like to open a sewing shop to meet more people in the community. 

Millie and Paul