The Death of a Father: A Letter from Bijaya

“My father passed away suddenly who remained a Hindu till his last breath. I shared the Gospel even in his hospital bed.”

Editor’s Note: The following is a letter from Bijaya to Live Global after the passing of his earthly father. This has been left in its original form, minus minor edits for security.

We would like to thank you very much for your prayers for us and the ministry. It’s really been a very hard time for us as my father passed away suddenly who remained a Hindu till his last breath. I shared the Gospel even in his hospital bed. 

So he passed away in [a big city] and I drove his body in the back seat of my car to where my parents lived. It took the whole night to drive 200 kms. The Lord kept me from the possible persecution from my family and all the hundreds of Hindus attending the cremation. I was a only believer there but they did not force me to observe the Hindu rituals of cremation and mourning.

 I helped carry my father’s body to the cremation site, but was unbearable for me to see the cremation. It’s been a shock for me to see the deaths of my father, both physical and spiritual. Being a communist for his life, he never responded to the Gospel. But I had some opportunities to share Christ and Him Crucified to some souls during that time. 

One of them is a man with no legs. He was walking by using his hands and he gladly took a Tract. Then he started to read it aloud!!

Another elderly mans from eastern mountains came to our church in Kathmandu in search of a Bible. So we provided him one with proper reading glass. 

Many efforts were made in past months to proclaim the Glorious Gospel.

Pray for Bijaya

  • Pray for Bijaya as he mourns the loss of his father and ask God to bear fruit from Bijaya’s Gospel proclamations during his father’s funeral.
  • Pray for safe travels for him in this mountainous country.
  • Pray for those who have willingly taken tracts and Bibles that God will open their hearts to hear the Gospel message of salvation.

How to Partner with Bijaya

  • Would you be willing to donate for the cost of fuel and provide Bijaya with Bible and Gospel booklets to hand out?
  • Partner financially with Bijaya below to help his ministry in Nepal continue forward with the resources he needs.