The Coronavirus Impacts Refugees, Too

This past week was a time of great changes. Police closed the refugee camp in front of the bus station because of the coronavirus. We had to react fast.

Bosnia is situated along the Rufugee Corridor. People displaced from their home countries in the Middle East, who are making their way to a safer place in Europe, often travel on a route that leads them through Bosnia. A small but mighty church there has taken up God’s command to care for the foreigner. Now that the coronavirus outbreak has impacted every corner of the globe, Bosnians and the refugees alike are experiencing an impact. Here’s how God continues to work, in the words of Lorena herself.

Dear brothers and sisters:

This past week was a time of great changes. Police closed the refugee camp in front of the bus station. We had to react fast and to reorganize our serving activities. It was especially important to make changes in our ministry to refugees in the church building. Of course, adding to the situation is that many events in the country are canceled because of coronavirus. Schools in Bosnia are canceled for two weeks and all visits to senior homes are canceled for one month.

All migrants who stayed at the bus station were transported to a larger refugee camp; however, people are still coming to our city and they are staying in front of the police station as foreigners. People are coming to us hungry and thirsty.

We are not allowed to prepare our food anymore, but we have to buy canned fish and hermetically packed food in shops. Unfortunately, it makes the food distribution much more expensive. Still, we are happy that we have found a way to continue serving people in problems. We still provide accommodation to migrants who have permission to stay in our church building and the houses that we are renting in different parts of town.

Also, a lot of people in our church have the flu and it is one of the worst flu seasons in Bosnia ever. Officially, we still do not have any cases of the coronavirus in our area.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

God bless you!

You can help provide relief in the midst of the coronavirus in Bosnia by donating money to help offset the cost of the more expensive food they need to buy now to give away. Please join us in praying for these brothers and sisters in Bosnia who are working hard to be salt and light to the refugees God has brought to their country.