Testimony Snapshots: Quotes from Our Afghan Partners

We recorded quotes from our Afghan partners as they shared their stories of salvation and ministry in the underground Afghanistan church.

As God orchestrated the Afghan Initiative, Live Global and EveryEthne staff had the pleasure of interviewing our Afghan partners and friends. As they shared their testimonies, we recorded several quotes from our Afghan partners as they shared their stories of salvation and ministry in the underground Afghanistan church. We hope these are a blessing to you as they have been to us.

Editor’s Note: This list of quotes from our Afghan partners includes testimony snapshots from almost all of the Afghans we are partnering with. We choose not to identify the speakers for their protection.

“I had a Facebook friend who was a Christian. I asked him to inform me about Christianity. He became very happy and gave me a Bible book. He said, “If you read this book, you will find answers to your questions and finally you will find the real God. By reading the Bible it clung to my heart. As I was reading, I became more interested day by day. Due to my study I found the real God and converted to Christianity.”

“Upon the Taliban takeover, our family became powerful and decided to kill us as they knew we were Christian and thought by killing us they will be rewarded on the judgement day.”

“I found a book in the library of the university I was attending in Afghanistan. It was about different religions in the world. I found it very interesting and started to study about Christian faith. In Christianity I was a son not a slave. God is loving and peaceful. All of these things I deeply felt in my heart so I became  Christian.”

“The Taliban were searching for my wife and I. We had to leave our city because they were asking our neighbors about us and checking our alley every day.”

My friend who shared the gospel with me died in that airport bombing.

“It took 7 hours to get to the border and then we walked in the desert for one more hour. The border police suddenly arrived and started shooting at us. “

“I accepted Jesus Christ wholeheartedly, the questions which I had in my mind were solved slowly and after our prayer times in our underground church, I felt joy and happiness and I understood that I was a slave before but now I am accepted and loved by Jesus Christ.”

“My wife was more active in her Islamic faith. I was patient and prayed for her and talked to her. One day we were on the street and the Taliban was approaching. I hugged her to protect her and whispered to her, ‘You are safe because I follow a powerful God and He will protect us.’ This was one of the circumstances that God used to work in her heart.”

“I established a business as a front for a church. We ministered for more than two years until the Taliban took over.”

“I was saved from the darkness of Afghanistan.”

The Bible says pray for our enemy

On the difference between God of the Koran and Bible: “It’s easy. Jesus talks about love. There is no mercy in Islam.”

When asked about leadership: “I don’t want to lead. I want to serve.”

“I want to share the Gospel – especially with those on their death bed.”

“I never had love in my life. The Bible penetrated my heart with the love of God.”

“Since I got saved, I’ve seen many miracles from God.”

“My dream is to serve God and share the Gospel. I want to be like the Apostle Paul.”

On the difference between God of the Koran and Bible: “The Koran teaches that God is merciful, but in the very next verse it says to kill the infidel. This didn’t make sense to me.”

“The God of the Bible is King and He is the only true God.”

“It’s so easy because Jesus is the God of love. The God of the Koran is a god of blood and hatred.”

“When I learned about the two great commands of Jesus – to love God and to love people – it really affected me. It was the total opposite of what I learned in the mosque – to hate and kill.”

“I gave my heart to Jesus in 2019 and started sharing the Gospel with others.”

“I was on a plane in Denmark – about to be taken back to Afghanistan. I prayed in Jesus name and asked the pilot not to take me back. He refused to take me and I was allowed to stay in Denmark.”

“I found a very real treasure in Christ – regardless of what happens in Afghanistan.”

You have no idea who I was

“In Afghanistan, it’s easy for people to betray you to gain favor with the Taliban.”

“My desire is to go to Bible college and serve God.”

“In Islam, God judges you twice – in this life and in the life to come. In Jesus, you are justified. He gave His life and His blood to forgive our sin.”

“We began to question – why aren’t women equal to men?”

“Why is Islam so brutal. I received no answer from the Mullahs.”

“How can brutal acts against women make them think they will go to Heaven?”

“I started searching for God. I was told to start reading the Bible. I gave my heart to Jesus. I waited for this since I was a child.”

“Eventually, my wife repented and got saved and the whole family became Christians.”

“Two years ago my wife got COVID very bad. She was on her death bed. I begged God to help her. I prayed over her and she was healed.”

“You have no idea who I was before Christ. I was a terrible man. God has transformed me.”

“I started reading the Gospel of Matthew – and peace came into my heart.”

“My desire and dream is that God would connect me to a larger organization because I have a calling from God. I have prayed for this for years.”

“I could feel the power of the Holy Spirit in my life. He gave me boldness for Christ.”

“I’ll never be like Jesus until the end, but I’m trying to learn and shine a light for Jesus.”

“I have a passion for the 3rd world – to reach Iran, Somalia, and Sudan.”