Do Teaching and Preaching and Farming Go Together?

Teaching and preaching sounded like an inspiring focus for his life, but how could they fit together? God has provided a way, amazingly through farming!

Ning’s Testimony

Fifteen years ago, Ning felt like everything was going his way. He lived in large city in East Asia with his wife and 18-year-old son. And he owned an English training center. But, his wife began to face serious emotional problems, and ended up taking her own life. God used this crisis to bring Ning and his son to Christ. They found a loving church body to join, and began studying the Bible. A few years later, Ning remarried, and now has two more young children.

Since his conversion to Christ, Ning has maintained a strong desire to teach and share the gospel with the unreached in his country. Teaching and preaching sounded like an inspiring focus for his life, but how could they fit together?

Do Teaching and Preaching Go Together?

NingGod has provided a way, amazingly through farming! Two years ago, Ning moved to a different area to live among a different people group than his. In this area, the primary economy is based on farming, and raising cows and pigs. Most people there live in severe poverty. And most practice a worship of demons, spirits of nature, and ancestral spirits.

Here Ning has introduced the gospel to the people, but progress is very slow. In the meantime, Ning has become a farmer and loves it! He’s working hard to develop relationships among this people group. One way is through his opportunity to implement some non-traditional farming methods. These catch the people’s attention and give Ning an opportunity to build a relationship and share the gospel.

Today, Ning has three young believers from this people group living on his farm helping him. And Ning is training these young men in both farming methods and some of the basics of the Bible. Yes! Teaching and Preaching go together!

Ning’s Vision

Today Ning is one of the leaders trained, encouraged, and blessed by the Church Leadership Training project. Ning prays God will bring more young men to live on the farm so he can train them in farming and teach them about Christ. Ning’s prayer is that these men will be saved and become leaders themselves who will glorify God with their lives and continue the Great Commission.