Sports Outreach Camps Create Connections

Sports Outreach Camps create connections for discipleship in a spiritual desert. God is drawing young people to faith in Jesus.

On Malik’s Youth Outreach Team, the teammates grow spiritually while they share the Good News with others. Sports camps create connections through concentrated times for fellowship, worship, learning, and purposeful play. Malik calls these “discipleship camps.”

After one discipleship camp when a North American partner joined Malik’s team, they were “walking with God like never before.” For many of the team members, it’s the first time they’ve learned about God’s plan for them to grow as disciples who make disciples.

“The sports team is spiritually so hungry!” – Malik

Camps Create Connections to Other Disciples

In their context, being a young follower of Jesus means being alone—alone in your peer group or even alone in your family. Camp settings allow young believers to come together and know each other, being encouraged in their decision to put their faith in Jesus. They feel safe and loved in the fellowship of the Christian team. Since they live in a Muslim culture, this is essential to their growth and commitment. When there isn’t a camp, the sports outreach team meets weekly “to see each other and to pray together.”

Camps Create Connections to God’s Word

Regular connection with other believers helps the sports outreach team grow in their understanding of God’s ways. The Muslim culture around them permeates the Orthodox elements of the population as well. Knowing the truth of the Bible is a lamp to their feet and a light to their path as people seek to know the true God. Malik reports that, ” The Holy Spirit is working so deeply in their lives and their hearts.”

As young people grow in Christ, their families see the change in their lives. Some of the parents ask Malik questions and ask to be included, wanting to understand for themselves what creates joy in their children.

Camps Create Connections to Jesus

While young believers serve on the sports outreach team, Malik also invites others to join, observe, and learn. Some of these guests haven’t put their faith in Jesus when they come to a camp. At Malik’s camps, they can openly hear the gospel, ask questions, and respond.

“I clearly see many young people are accepting Jesus and are continuously growing. This is exactly what God puts on our hearts and this is what we are looking for: NEW LIFE for the lost.” – Malik

During a recent camp, one guest, Fady, decided to put his faith in Jesus. Sports Outreach Camps provide discipleship in a spiritual desert. God connects His people, uses His word in their lives, and draws people to faith in Jesus.

Help Malik host a discipleship camp by doing the work of prayer or by providing a piece of equipment.

Please pray for these 3 things:

  1. Ask God to draw young adults to Himself, moving them from curiosity to willingness to come.
  2. Pray for wisdom and skill as Malik teaches, counsels, cares for, and mentors young leaders on his team.
  3. Ask God to protect the group—they hold camps in places surrounded by mosques and Majority communities.