Sindhi Business Communities Believing in Jesus

Sindhi Business Communities welcome Mark and Shoni. Business people who migrated for business opportunities also find Jesus.

What is the Sindhi business community, and why are they in the Philippines? Sindhi people are native to provinces of modern Pakistan, but in the middle of the 20th century, many moved from their homeland. Now, most Pakistani Sindhi people follow Islam, with minorities of Sikh and Hindu. Of the Sindhi people who migrated to India, most are Hindu, mixed with some Sikh, Jain, and Muslim populations. Sindhi Business communities no longer live only in Pakistan, and God is using the movement to reach them with the gospel.

Personally knowing what it is to be scattered from these homelands, Mark and Shoni reach out to Sindhi people who migrated to the Philippines for business opportunities. The Pandemic took a toll on the Sindhi business communities, but God uses the hardships to reach the hearts of Hindu background people.

“After the two years of strict lockdown and fear among people not to meet in-person, now by God’s grace Sindhi families are courageous and willing to meet for fellowship. We thank God for the opportunities to meet with the Sindhi families to influence them with the love of Jesus. Their desires to hear about Jesus and to be prayed for is very encouraging.”

How does Mark see God working among the Sindhi Business Communities of the Indian Diaspora?

A Hindu Pandit Man Believed in Jesus!  

He wasn’t a common Hindu. The man attended the Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday gatherings. He was a Pandit, a specialist in Hindu knowledge. People looked to him as an expert in Hindu law and the Veda scriptures. As the man heard the message of salvation, God worked in his heart. The man was, “So touched by the love of Jesus and prayed to receive Christ as His Savior.”

A Bollywood Lady Accepted Christ!

She wasn’t a common Indian transplant. She lived in the Philippines, but she came from a Bollywood family” in India. The woman lived a very confused life, so when a believer invited her to church, she came! The woman heard the truth about God and prayed to receive Christ.

Sindhi Business Communities Welcome Hospitality

To reach Sindhi people with the hope of the Gospel, Mark and Shoni work hard at hospitality. They visit the sick, help the needy, and encourage those feeling alone or stressed by the challenges they face. Rising inflation and unemployment rates create overwhelming situations. But Mark sees God working.

“We are living in a time when the Spirit of the Lord is powerfully working in the lives of people, of letting people be the seekers due to the situations they are facing.”

Pray with Mark and Shoni Serving Sindhi Business Communities:

  • for the man who was once a Hindu Pandit and has become a disciple of Christ
  • for the Bollywood Lady who accepted Jesus as her Savior and King
  • for God to provide a North American church partner for Mark and Shoni’s ministry