Serving in Harder Places

Harder places come with high risk, great needs, & complex barriers for westerners. Malik has a heart for serving in harder places.

As if making disciples in his own complex country isn’t challenging enough, Malik is grateful to share the message of Jesus in even harder places. As an Arabic speaker, many fields are a possibility for Malik to create relationships. In the Arab world, many face grave needs and challenges that few are willing to meet.

After spending time with his own team in-country, developing them as disciples, Malik and a small team traveled to a desperately poor desert nation to their south. Things are so sparse there that the team needed to bring their own food for the two weeks—canned tuna every day.

Needs Around the Region

People experience cycles of violence and tribal wars forcing them to flee as refugees and orphans in this region.

  • The team brought hundreds of reusable cloth sanitary pads for women and girls. These were sown by Malik’s fellow team members to meet an unmet need among girls and women living in poverty.
  • The team brought games and activities to interact with young people who have little to do and little freedom to experience joy.

Most people in the region where Malik serves have only the clothing on their backs. Physical needs are overwhelming. The greatest need for these people is to be treated with value, to have a relationship with someone who cares about them, and to be introduced to Jesus who knows them by name and died for them.

Even Harder Places

After Malik returns from this “harder” place, he is following the Lord’s lead to enter a more dangerous place in the region. He desires to make this place a long-term base for ministry, despite personal risks. Malik’s heart for trapped and blind people to find hope in Jesus continues to grow. Harder places come with high risk, great needs, and complex barriers for westerners to gain access. Malik has a heart for sharing Christ and serving in harder places.

Pray for Malik as He Serves

  • For persons of peace to foster a community of followers in both of these hard places.
  • For responsive hearts as people learn about Jesus.
  • For health, protection, travel, and visas for Malik.

You can give a gift to help Malik go to these harder places or train and equip his team. You can also become a regular financial partner for Malik’s ministry. God is uses him to share the gosepl in some of the hardest places.