See Partners in Action at a Vision Clinic

They served over 1,300 people at the vision clinic. Each person also heard a personal Gospel presentation.

Missionary Training Camp

You can sense the excitement of a local church that is intentional about missions! Jerovia Baptist Church in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay is an exciting church that is on the move for the Great Commission. The church recently held a week-long Missionary Training Camp. Thirty participants spent the first few days of the camp learning about missions and evangelism. Then they went out into communities to put what they learned into practice. The team met people of different backgrounds and customs. They shared the Gospel in interesting ways to individuals and large and small groups. They worked as a unit and learned to depend on the Lord for every activity.

See Partnership in Action at a Vision Clinic

After the Missionary Training Camp, the church partnered with a team of 17 people from the USA to hold a free vision clinic for one week. They served over 1,300 people by providing vision testing and eyeglasses. Each person who visited the clinic also heard a personal Gospel presentation. Pastor Juan Carlos Escobar said that over 600 people professed faith in Christ and said that they would welcome the opportunity to learn more. Pray for the church as they follow up on those who were served at the clinic.

Pastor Escobar is enthusiastic about missions. He enjoys the partnership in ministry between the visiting team and his church.

There were some interesting testimonies that resulted from the Gospel conversations, plus the experience each Christian gained in working hard for many hours sharing the Gospel. Many of them were exhausted, and some even lost their voices from so much talking. The church worked as a team in many ways, and we all grew in a great way as we glorified the Lord.

Pastor Juan Carlos Escobar

Pray for the Jerovia church in Ciudad del Este to be a center for missionary training and sending as well as being a bright light in their community. Pray about how you might encourage their ministry in Paraguay.