Repairs to Celebrate Resurrection at a New Church

A chief will celebrate resurrection for the first time. He prayed for rain and God sent rain! The church received repairs & rain!

The chief and two of his wives came to worship at the Kati Lomnava Church. It hasn’t been long since they decided to follow Jesus and now they’re getting ready to celebrate Resurrection. Joseph Akakpo taught the villages of Mobas, an ethnic farming group from north of Togo, what God says about sin and how Jesus brings grace and forgiveness. Outside, scores of children gathered in the shade of the simple block and bamboo building, and one of Joseph’s team taught them about Jesus also. It was all so new for so many.

New Believers Celebrate Resurrection

The believers in Kati Lomnava live miles from water, but a gift from North American believers provided for a church building and a well. On Easter Sunday 2022, Joseph planned to hold the first baptism of believers. They would celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus for the very first time.

New Believers Pray for Rain

Before Easter could come, Joseph led the parched church of new converts in prayer. This time, they wouldn’t sacrifice animals or pray to spirits, but they would “pray to Jehovah in Jesus Christ’s name.”

“During last Sunday AM worship at Kati, we prayed fervently for rain for the farming season. We took almost one hour to pray for rain. Praise the Lord. After four hours there was a big rain and all the saints and new visitors saw the miracle of God in prayer.”

The newly believing chief of Edokope joined Joseph in prayer, “He was continually saying, ‘Amen, amen, amen’ and glorified the Lord.” Edokope is located in the jungle about 8 km from Kati Lomnava, and it’s home to Lambas, another ethnic group of farmers from north of Togo. They are voodoo worshipers who practice “super witchcraft,” but people of the village are deciding to follow Jesus.

Disaster Strikes the New Church

But the day after God answered the prayer for rain, disaster struck Kati Lomnava. Joseph said, “Glory be to the Lord for everything according to Romans 8:28.”

“… a violent wind blew off our new church building roof, breaking 50% …

Why? God knows.

We rejoiced on Sunday afternoon for the rain and on Monday our emotions changed.

Yes, our God knows. We count it all as joy.”

God Provides Repairs and A Plot of Land

The God of resurrection provided for the repair of the new church building in the same week the wind destroyed it. The roof was back on in time for a special service to prepare for the “first water baptism on the Resurrection Day of Jesus Christ.”

God is at work in and around Kati Lomnava through Joseph’s leadership. They have some money set aside to grow the new church in Edokope, but not enough to begin. The chief of nearby Edokope, Chief Edo, donated a plot of land to build a church building and drill a well in his village. Joseph says, “The villagers are also willing to provide sand for the building and meals for the workers; we will then provide the iron sheets, cement, lumber, drilled well with solar panel, etc.”

Now, they wait, pray, and prepare for God to provide.

Financial Needs to Grow Edokope Church

  • $12,000 for well drilling and a place for worship at Edokope
  • A Lamba/Kabye leader for Edokope Church to shepherd the sheep needs ($150 monthly)
  • A 4-wheel drive vehicle for the mud and dusty roads for evangelism ($60,000)

If you’d like to help build the church building and well at Edokope, you can go here.

We praise our God who conquers our fetishes, brings living water, sends rain, and repairs our brokenness!