Reaching the Diaspora from Unreached Regions

Mark ministered at a missions conference focused on people in unreached regions of India. Would your church like to partner with Mark?

Look at a map showing where people groups have yet to hear the Gospel. Your eyes will be drawn to unreached regions of Northern India. However, God is at work there, so much that indigenous leaders there recently gathered to learn how they could help reach Indians outside their own country. One of those scattered from their homeland, Pastor Mark, understands the needs and opportunities among the Indian Diaspora he serves in and from the Philippines.

Mark recently returned from meeting with Indian leaders, “In a mission conference organized by Theological Seminary and mission organizations in — India.” As a valued leader in the region, he presented opportunities for outreach ministry among Diaspora communities and in working with The Ancient Path. What does a mission conference look like when hosted in unreached regions people?

  • Churches in this part of India focus on migrants coming into their region
  • Leaders see this is a time to reach Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims in their land
  • National partners use technology like QR codes to share The Ancient Path in different languages
  • Some churches receive people from Myanmar who fled violence and persecution

Mark spent special times of prayer with students and pastors from Myanmar.

“They are all terribly affected by the situation in Myanmar. They had to flee to India because their houses and churches are burned and destroyed.”

Pray with Pastor Mark and Shoni for the Unreached Regions

  • for pastors and students from Myanmar who fled to India because of persecution
  • for leaders of churches in Northeastern India as they share the Gospel in and from their region
  • for those who learned about opportunities with the Indian Diaspora as God moves them to act
  • for people who read The Ancient Path and seek to know the truth
  • for a North American church to add Mark and Shoni to their missions family of partners