Raising Pastors and Leaders

Trivandrum Bible College is strategically-located & academically-accredited. Despite restrictions theological educ. & training is happening.

In a region of the world where resources are scarce, God is raising pastors and leaders through a national partner ministry. Trivandrum Bible College is a strategically-located and academically-accredited institution in southern India. Despite limitations, theological education and training are still happening.

Current Students in Training

Currently, Trivandrum Bible College (TBC) is closed for residential classes/students due to Covid restrictions. Despite the closing, TBC is holding online classes with 45 students in the Bible College and Seminary. At TBC students come from 11 different states and two other countries in the region. 95% of the home states represent states hostile to the gospel because of Hindu or Muslim majority communities.

Raising pastors serving
“Pastors in training” serving by preparing meals on campus.

Despite Covid restrictions, many students are serving and ministering in their local churches back in their villages and communities. This blesses local church leaders to have students helping in a time of need. Trained, serving students from the Bible College and Seminary are on track to graduate in April 2021.

Raising leaders graduation 2020
2020 Graduates in the TBC Master of Divinity program.

Next Steps for Raising Pastors and Leaders at TBC

Soon, a new term launches at TBC in June of 2021, with hopes that residential students will be permitted to come. The government has yet to announce plans impacting educational institutions. An increase of 15-20 more students is expected, raising the total to 60+ on-campus students.

Raising women leaders
TBC hosting a women’s conference before COVID.

Since TBC is accredited, the faculty must meet academic norms. This includes five full-time teachers (earning $ 145 per month), support staff, and utilities. Tuition for Bible students and church planters does not cover all expenses.

God has called TBC for such a time as this in India.

National leader Georgey is confident that, despite COVID, better days are ahead. He believes God called TBC for such a time as this in India. The work of raising pastors and leaders is needed now. With increasing religious scrutiny around the country, students prepared by Trivandrum Bible College are courageous and committed to share Christ.

To learn more or become a partner:

  • Visit the New Life Ministries page to learn about the leaders or help with salaries, utility costs, or maintenance needs.
  • Meet some students, hear their stories, and or help with their education costs at the Bold Hope page.