Partners Give Rice & Bread of Life

COVID19 has created needs globally. As people reach out for relief, they open their hands for help and their hearts to hope. Doors are open for the Gospel.

In one mountainous Asian nation, national leaders have a strategy to use COVID19 relief to reach people with the Gospel. Here’s the process from uncovering the needs to sharing hope.

Strategy for Gospel Response to Relief

  1. Local pastor partners meet with families in their area and evaluate which families have significant needs and are unable to buy food for themselves.
  2. Local pastor partners calculate estimated costs for a basic food and soap pack and communicate with their national leaders to provided cost estimates.
  3. National leaders ask God to provide funds and to open the flow of funds through money transfer office.
  4. Once transfer offices are open and have adequate funds, national leaders provide funds to local pastor partners.
  5. Local partners buy supplies locally and arrange for distribution to identified families. Logistics may involve finding transportation or hiking into remote villages.
  6. Partners work to follow government requirements limiting gathering sizes, and they coordinate delivery to reduce attention.
  7. Local pastor partners share the good news with those receiving relief supplies. The degree of freedom varies based on location.

National leaders are working with local partners who are pastors.

Less than 30 years old, Pastor R and his young family live with his parents. Their resources are limited to the point they have yet to complete the roof on their home. However, R is dedicated to serving people in his village.

Recently, God used COVID19 to expand R’s contacts and influence through relief distribution projects.

Since the lockdown began in March, day laborers, used to working each day for that day or the next day’s food, suffer greatly. Through the Live Global bridge between national leaders, local pastor partners, and North American believers, God has provided food to open doors for the Bread of Life.

In one village where national leaders laid a foundation, many families received relief. Due to the help, one family known for opposing the church apologized and asked for forgiveness. Each receiving family heard the gospel, the believers are praising God for His provision, and some unbelievers are asking to know more of the Gospel.

When news reached a nearby village, people asked for assistance. God provided funds for more families to receive food, delivered by the local pastor partner, along with the Gospel of hope. The people were so happy they said, “It was your God who cared for us.” They hungered for more about Jesus. One village elder said he is so thankful, knowing “It was Jesus who loved us and helped us.”

As villagers receive relief, they welcome local pastors to share more of the Gospel in places where the truth is unknown. COVID19 is opening doors for Christ.

An Opportunity to Help Partners

For $20 one family can receive a package of rice, lentils, oil, salt and hand soap to last for 2-3 weeks. Partners deliver gifts God provides through brothers and sisters in Christ whom they’ve never met. As they do, people receive rice and news of the Bread of Life!

We would love to have you partner with us to pray for abundant resources, open hearts, steadfast courage, and divine understanding. Your prayers make a difference!

And if you’d like to partner through giving towards resourcing Pastor R and the national leaders doing this Gospel work in remote villages, we invite you to give below or contact us for more information.

Go here or below to contribute a gift. You can customize an amount or give $20 to provide food & hygiene supplies for a family of 5 for 3 weeks.