Our National Partners Are Crazy!

You’re leaving the place where you’ve planted 6 churches and where you have a home for your family? That’s crazy!

You’re leaving the place you have labored for ten years, where you’ve planted 6 churches and where you have a comfortable home for your family? That’s crazy!

You’re moving your wife and 4 daughters to a different state where they speak yet another new language and where you’ll be “starting over”? That’s crazy!

Suan and his wife will be hearing this quite often in the next few weeks as they pack up their home and re-locate to another state in Myanmar to join the team reaching the most unreached, inaccessible, difficult people groups in the country. Suan and his wife Lyn were called to the unreached Burmese people, living in the Irrawaddy Delta area of Myanmar (https://liveglobal.org/rural-burmese/).

Just like Robert Moffat said about Africa, I saw the smoke of a thousand unreached villages in the vast delta area of Myanmar.

As I completed my M. Div. course at Faith Baptist Bible College in Yangon, I knew that I was called to these in Yangon, I knew that I was called to these unreached masses. Newly married and expecting their first child, Suan and Lyn moved to a thatched hut for three years. There were many times we felt we were alone, with no church to pray for us and help us, but as it says in Matt 28:18-20, the Lord was surely with us all the time


In August of 2009, the couple braved the frontier, at first not being allowed in the village, but by offering English language classes for free they built a simple thatch house and moved in. They labored in that village, going door to door on Saturday and Sunday, passing our Gospel tracts.

In 2012, when Lyn was almost bitten by a cobra in their house, they were introduced to Live Global, and this partnership allowed them to relocate to a larger, safe village. In the last ten years, they have planted 6 house churches where people from 16 different villages together. There were no known Christians in these villages before Suan and Lyn began their work. Most people would call that “success”- a life well lived, a ministry with a very fruitful conclusion. But Suan is not ready rest on the successes of the last 13 years.

A New Burden

I knew God was leading me to visit the [other] state, where many missionaries from our group were involved in reaching many unreached people groups,” he said. “At first, I went to teach and strengthen the new missionaries because of my experience reaching animists and spirt worshippers. But as I traveled and saw the darkness of the people in this area, I knew God was calling me to go.

In November, Suan will install new leaders for his six house churches, and he plans to return quarterly to strengthen and encourage these new works.

The Crazy Christmas Move

By Christmas, Suan and Lyn and their four daughters hope to be in their new state to begin their new ministry to the unreached. They also plan to open the fourth “Dorcas Sewing School”. (https://liveglobal.org/mobilizing-to-unreached-myanmar/the-dorcas-sewing-center/)


  • Give $500 towards the relocation costs to move Suan and Lyn and their family.
  • Give $100 towards household items that will have to be purchased (water filter system, solar batteries, kitchen items to replace those left behind for ministry workers.
  • Give $50 to personal items for four little girls to feel at home in their new surroundings.