He Was (Literally) Blind, But Now He Sees

Sometimes, God opens literal eyes of the blind as a way to reflect His own glory also.

The Lord opens the eyes of the blind. The Lord lifts up those who are bowed down; the Lord loves the righteous. (Psalm 146: 8)

Of course, this verse means that God makes the truth about Himself and the sacrifice of His Son apparent to those who couldn’t see it before because of their sin. But sometimes, God opens literal eyes of the blind as a way to reflect His own glory also.

In Nepal, the Koinonia church network is growing like wildfire. Each church is charged with the task of planting more churches as leaders are trained and raised up to become pastors. God continues to work in the lives of those He has chosen to bring this plan about.

A Witch Doctor Is Unable to Heal

A man in a small village in Nepal was blind and was seeing a witch doctor regularly to try to get healing. One day, he met a pastor from an existing Koinonia church, about four hours away from this village. The pastor was challenged by the witch doctor to heal the man of his blindness.

Of course, the pastor knew only God could do a work like this, so he began praying that God would restore the man’s sight for the sake of His own glory. According to the blind man, after five sessions of prayer, God was indeed pleased to restore the man’s sight!

How a New Church Begins

That incident changed the village as they began to see and understand the one true God. The witch doctor left the place in shame, but today there are 35 believers in the village fellowshiping together in their new Koinonia church being led by the man who once was blind!