Myanmar, One Year Later

Live Global comes alongside national partners joined by North American Churches. One year later, after the coup in Myanmar, it works.

One year ago today, one of our most active and fruitful Live Global fields erupted in violence after a military coup. The response of the people of Myanmar in protest shut down infrastructure, services, banking, hospitals, and all government offices as the people refused to accept military rule. 

Nearly 2000 people have died in clashes or were executed by the military. Many more are in custody or unaccounted for. Over 300,000 people are living in jungles or have fled to refugee camps on the Thai and Indian borders.  Add to that the Pandemic, and you might expect that all missionary work had to cease.  And you would be right, IF the work of the Kingdom depended on the presence of Westerners.  But that’s not how Live Global does ministry. 

Live Global is dedicated to coming alongside gifted, dedicated national partners and inviting North American Churches to become a part of the work of the Kingdom led by our national brothers and sisters. 

The Live Global Model in Myanmar—One Year Later

Because of this model, the coup, the virus, the lockdowns, the food shortages, the hardships of civil war, and all the disruptions of normal life did not stop ministry in Myanmar. 

There have been challenges, but God remains faithful. Ministry has not only continued, but many of the challenges turned into Gospel opportunities.

The model of coming alongside national partners works—even under the most challenging conditions.  

Continue to Pray for Myanmar