Mobile School Serves Breakfast to Kids Who’ve Never Heard of Jesus

Biak: When was the last time you had any breakfast? Child: It has been about three months… I am very happy to come here.

This past month, a ministry team from Grace Home was able to utilize the mobile school truck for outreach in a nearby village!

Introducing Jesus to Kids Who Have Never Heard His Name

Due to the generosity of some friends, the mobile school was able to park at a home in the village, and children were invited to attend school in the mornings. Around one hundred children were in attendance!

During class, Biak was able to have a few one-on-one conversations with some of the children while Esther taught. None of the children he spoke with had ever heard of Jesus! One mentioned that his family was Muslim, and another when asked responded: “Yes! I know who God is. He is the snake god on the island!”

What sacred joy for Biak to get to share about the one true God for the first time with that child.

Food As a Means to the Heart

Biaksang’s interaction with one of the other children revealed the poverty-stricken living conditions of many of the families being reached. Their conversation is shared below. 

Biak: When was the last time you had any breakfast? 

Child: It has been about three months. My friends invited me to eat here this morning so I am very happy to come here. My mother also wanted to come here but my friends told me only the children will get breakfast. Teacher, can I get a little breakfast for my mother and little sisters at home? They do not have any food for this morning.

Biak: I will ask Esther if there is enough for your mother and younger sisters. Where is your father?

Child: My father left home early this morning and he will get food for us when he comes back. But he may not get any food today, just like yesterday.

Biak: Do you know about Jesus?

Child: It is the first time I’ve heard about Jesus! (Esther was telling the children about Jesus just before Biak called the boy to come and talk.)

mobile truck for the first time
“We invite children at friend’s house in the morning for Mobile School team can share the gospel to the children through teaching and made fellowship with children and kids. About 100 people join that party.” – Biak

Evangelism and Food Outreach in the Village

After holding school in the morning, the team was able to hand out over three hundred food packets of rice, oil, chicken, and eggs to those that were in greatest need. They were also able to go house to house to pass out Gospel literature, and the team discovered that no one they met had ever heard about Jesus!  

Future Plans

The need is great for both the physical and spiritual needs of this community, and Biaksang and Esther are praying for God to provide the funds for both travel expenses and resources for food packets to be able to return to the village. Their goal is to be able to return at least two more times over the next few months in order to continue building relationships and teaching the children.

Prayer Requests: 

  1. That God would provide the funding needed to return to the village for continued outreach.
  2. For peace in the country of Myanmar.
  3. For the health and safety of Biaksang and Esther, their family, and their teammates.

Ways to Give to the Mobile School Project:

  1. Supplies for the mobile school (white board, pencils, books, etc): $200
  2. Chairs and rugs for the mobile school: $135
  3. Snacks for the children during school: $85
  4. Food relief (rice, eggs, oil, etc) to be passed out with the Gospel booklets: $775