Ministry Workers Staying in Ukraine

They’re staying to care for their neighbors who have “no friends abroad, no cash, almost no food, no nearby air-raid shelter, and no hope.”

Not Everyone Leaves

Live Global partners Aquila and Priscilla make disciples and train servant-leaders who are from some of the world’s most challenging places like the Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe.

Some of these ministry workers live and serve in Ukraine. Although most of the team has been able to leave, others have chosen to stay in place. One pastor, his wife, children, and a grandmother are staying to serve in downtown Odessa, Ukraine. The city’s strategic location on the Black Sea makes it a target for bombardment and attack by the invading army.

Staying to Serve Others

Matviy and Marichka (not their real names) are ministry team members serving in Ukraine. They have chosen to stay with their family to care for people in their neighborhood. They have created a sort of first-responder network to care for the many elderly people and young families in the apartment buildings and streets around them. They’re staying in Ukraine to care for their neighbors who have “no friends abroad, no cash, almost no food, no nearby air-raid shelter, and no hope.”

Even while expecting bombing and a fierce battle over the seaport, they have been able to purchase a considerable amount of staple food that they are storing for themselves and for all their neighbors.

Matviy wrote in an update two days ago, “We are no heroes; we just want to be a tool in God’s hands. As long as our house and windows stand firm, we will stay here. We trust the Lord and His protection as well as His further plans. […] We buy groceries, first aid products and bring them to families and elderly people who are in desperate need. […] My wife started a ladies group for this ministry. A great number of these women are non-believers, but they are witnessing the love of our Savior through the unity and care of our partners in America, Germany, Poland and other countries.”


Matviy and Marichka visit their neighbors to encourage them, to pray with them, and to show them the way to peace with God, no matter what the next days and weeks may bring. Please pray for them and others who are serving the needy, the fearful, and the suffering in Ukraine. May the God of All Peace be made known.


  • God’s grace and provision
  • Opportunities to share the Gospel
  • Peace amid warfare