Ministry Trips Have More Than One Purpose

On almost every ministry trip, Pastor Ato, the project leader, will take members of his own church in Nagaland along with him for the journey.

Although the Evangelism in Nagaland project does focus on strengthening the Indian state of Nagaland for Christ, they do often make ministry trips to surrounding areas for the purpose of evangelism or encouragement of believers in other places.

And on almost every trip, Pastor Ato, the Evangelism in Nagaland project leader, will take members of his own church in Nagaland along with him for the journey. This way, he’s able to accomplish three different purposes:

  1. He has help while sharing the gospel with unbelievers or while encouraging believers they meet along the way.
  2. He is able to train his congregation to be evangelistic in their own lives.
  3. He’s able to help his congregation grow closer to Christ in their own walks of faith.

So what does a ministry trip look like? Well, it could take on many different forms.

Encouraging a Believer Under Trials

One one ministry trip, Pastor Ato and his group journeyed to a nearby area where they met a recent convert to Christianity who has recently faced tremendous persecution and trials. This man and his family were chased from their house by unhappy villagers after he was saved. Then the villagers destroyed their house, forcing them to permanently relocate.


Thankfully, God provided a job for this man on a farm. Although the income is low, he and his family survive by God’s grace.

But to add to the trial, this man’s father was recently killed by a wild elephant while his father was cutting wood in the jungle. You can imagine the grief! Praise God for His Word and for Pastor Ato and his team who were able to provide encouragement to this family. God uses trials for His good purposes in making someone more like Christ.

Fathers Group on Mission and Retreat

At Pastor Ato’s church, there is a group of men who meet regularly for Bible study and fellowship with one another. Pastor Ato has taken them on two different kinds of ministry trips recently.

mens trip

One trip was to a nearby church where they preached and shared God’s Word to those in attendance.

Another trip was on a men’s retreat where they camped in the jungle together, read the Bible together, prayed together, and shared burdens and struggles together. How exciting that God has given each of these men salvation and a group of others to journey with.