Ministry On the Road and Off the Street

The plan is that Biak and Esther will get kids off the street and reach even more children with an education and the Gospel.

The Slum School Gets Wheels

God provided the funds for Biak and Esther to purchase a truck to convert into a mobile school.

This truck will be used in Biak and Esther’s slum education ministry, and God is already supplying new opportunities for them to use it. 

Mobile school truck

The plan is that Biak and Esther will reach even more children with an education and the Gospel. A friend of Biak’s in a nearby village has asked if it would be possible for them to come and teach! Plans have been made to travel there three days a week for six weeks in March and April. They’ll teach during the day and pass out Gospel literature and food in the evenings.

As the government and country remain in turmoil, many children are still without access to an education. Yet this mobile truck will provide opportunities for the Gospel to be shared. Thanks be to God, who truly uses everything for good and His glory!

Keeping Young People Off the Streets

In April, there is a popular festival in Myanmar called the Water Throwing Festival. The event causes a lot of danger and mischief, so many churches run camps and activities to try to keep young people off the streets. 

Kids in class

Grace Children’s Home will be holding a Bible Camp this year that will run for four or five days, in which they will provide discipleship training and a meal . Will you pray that young people will be drawn away from the dangers of the festival, and that hearts will be receptive to the Good News of the Gospel? 

Prayer Requests: 

  1. For a smooth transition and funds for supplies as the mobile school ministry expands, as well as safety traveling.
  2. For hearts to be reached with the Gospel as they hold the discipleship Bible camp during the Water Throwing Festival.  

Ways to Give to the Mobile School Project:

  1. Supplies for the mobile school (white board, pencils, books, etc): $200
  2. Chairs and rugs for the mobile school: $135
  3. Snacks for the children during school: $85
  4. Food relief (rice, eggs, oil, etc) to be passed out with the Gospel booklets: $775

Ways to Give to the Bible Camp

  1. Books and supplies: $15
  2. Food for the meals that will be provided: $850