Meet Paul, Medical Doctor Turned Evangelist

For the first time, Dr. Paul had to research the spiritual needs of his own country, and the Lord used that to prick his heart for the land of India!

Paul’s Family Background

Paul was born into a home of a God-honoring, faithful father and mother. His father and mother were from two very different backgrounds, and at the time of marriage, his mother’s family tried to stop the marriage! But, by faith, believing their marriage was of God, they continued on. 

God has blessed them with four children, Paul being the youngest. They never had much, but never felt in need as they were always provided for in God’s kind ways.

Paul’s Story of Salvation

Dr. Paul, the youngest of the four, grew up near a missionary hospital, watching American missionaries sacrifice their lives to bring salvation to people—physically and spiritually. Paul was drawn to the prestige of being a doctor, but at the age of 16 he realized that they had come to his remote village, not for fame but for the gospel. 

At that time, he repented of his own sin and sought forgiveness from the only One who could save—Jesus Christ! He continued to pursue medicine, now for the right reason—to bring honor to God.

A Career in Medicine

After becoming a medical doctor (his whole medical schooling cost around $500, which was sponsored because his family could not afford even that), his heart wanted to go to another remote place (in Africa) to be a medical missionary.  There was no provision for this, so he moved to a big city in India until the opportunity came. 

Paul landed himself a good job at the largest government hospital in Asia and was doing well. While working, he also led Bible studies on the university campus nearby six nights a week. He was burdened for the young people who were coming to his ER after attempted suicides because of having no hope. 

Regaining a Heart for India

The Lord led Paul to speak at a youth conference in the Philippines, and he was asked to speak on the needs in India. For the first time, he had to research the spiritual needs of his own country, and the Lord used that to prick his heart for the land of India!

Paul speaks about India

He returned with a fire for reaching his own people, and he specifically was burdened for the college students and young adults—the educated and future leaders of India!

Paul Starts a Family

During this time, he met Hannah, a young woman heading to India for the rest of her life. They shared the same burden for reaching the youth of India and specifically North India. They were married in 2006 and have been serving together since then. 

Paul and Hannah Begin Ministry Together

In these 10 years they have started a non-profit organization to reach university students and to do outreach in nearby slums as well. They have adopted two slums and serve them through after school tutoring classes. There are over 100 students in this program now! They all come from unbelieving families have no educated parents. 

Child in after school program

Hannah said,

We are proud to share that we just celebrated our 4th graduating class from 12th grade!  Many of these kids have gotten into good colleges… and most importantly, most of them have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. They have been baptized and are now active members of our church! 

We are seeing the lives of these kids and their families change physically, personally, and most importantly, eternally!  God has been so kind!

Two Birds with One Stone

The organization uses the college and university students as volunteers to teach the kids and in so doing, get to “hit 2 birds with one stone.” They build relationships with the slum community and build relationships with the educated, future leaders of India. 

We have multiple programs for these volunteers, which give effective platforms for sharing about the real hope in Jesus Christ!  Volunteers have also gotten saved! 

Teacher in Paul's after school program

Finally, God led Paul and Hannah to begin a church where people from multiple backgrounds come together as a broken family who are saved by the grace of God. There they learn God’s Word, serve His people, and proclaim Christ together.