Matchmaking a Christian Marriage

Paul, one of our partners in India, never imagined years ago his role would include matchmaking a Christian marriage.

A Matchmaker

Paul, one of our partners in India, never imagined years ago his role would include matchmaking. So many Hindu young believers face immense pressure and expectation from their unsaved families to marry another Hindu. It is customary for parents to choose a spouse for their children and, of course, the choice must be Hindu to honor the community.

As the young people from the slums who love Jesus come of age, they face expulsion or forced marriage. So, they come to our Paul and ask, “will you find a believing wife or husband for me?” Such has been the case of K and S, two young people who joyfully accepted Christ as youngsters and both who have served the ministry for years. When S came of age, her parents demanded she marry the Hindu man they chose years ago, despite her desire to marry K.

Knowing that marrying the Hindu man would seal her fate to be a Hindu wife and forsake her life in ministry, she escaped to an undisclosed location so her parents wouldn’t kidnap her and force her into this arrangement.

Waiting on God

For almost two years she prayed and sought to talk with her parents about this. For some time, they remained unwilling to talk and began spreading rumors about our Partner, who by association found himself in the middle of the community uproar. Many joined in prayer for this dynamic couple, asking God to work in the parent’s hearts to change their minds. K and S remained hopeful but separated during this time, trying to respect the parents and the community.

Answered Prayer

Slowly, with Paul’s culturally sensitive guidance, the parents lessened their grip and permitted the Christian marriage.

This week the couple was married in the church by the Partner! It was an answer to years of many prayers. Their happy faces said it all as they stood side by side, finally together. These two are among a host of young couples Paul has helped to marry and start Christian families.

“We are touched by both of their commitment to each other, and most importantly, to Christ in spite of such difficult circumstances. May their wedding day begin a gospel legacy for generations…”


Pray for:

  • Protection of this newlywed couple in their community
  • Other Christian young people to find believing spouses
  • Wisdom for Paul and Hannah as they help establish foundations for Christian families coming from Hindu backgrounds