Looking Forward and Looking Back

Leaders met in a new location for fellowship, learning, and prayer. By looking back and looking forward, we can trace God’s movement.

In early November, Aquila and Priscilla eagerly looked ahead and strategically planned for the annual conference that brings together all of their staff, interns, and friends. For the first time in the history of their mission, the conference will be held in a historic ancient city. This location allowed several team members the rare and unique experience of meeting their greater ministry family for the first time. They were looking forward.


Aquila said, 

We are praying for smooth passport and COVID controls at each border. But we are more earnestly praying that our unity, our respect and love toward each other, and our willingness to serve one another will give our witness credibility and power. We are confronted with major challenges in our part of the world, and we depend on the power of Jesus.


The fellowship the teams experienced with one another was a great gift of heaven. God answered countless prayers. Despite language barriers, three days of worship and sharing encouraged everyone. Former students of the training center told Aquila and Priscilla how much the training changed their lives and equipped them for ministry in difficult places. Teammates were thrilled to finally meet each other face-to-face after only chatting online. Aquila shared,

We know that our faithful Lord has great plans. New generations of workers want to be trained and sent into countries that are newly opened to the message of the Gospel. God loves to show his compassion in the darkest places of our globe.

*M is just one team member who attended the conference. He felt privileged to get to know more of his teammates and make many new friends from all over the world. Looking back, he was thrilled to meet in person after only being acquainted online. He shared,

Praise the Lord we did it, and what a blessed conference we had. We are excited about the family God is building. To be able to fellowship with one another, pray and serve together with new co-workers was a gift from God.

Please pray for Aquila and Priscilla as they encourage and lead their team.

  • Ask God to give each team member courage and strength as they share the gospel of Jesus Christ in some of the darkest corners of our world.
  • Consider partnering financially with Aquila and Priscilla in developing leaders like *M.
  • Pray about supporting the ministry financially to help Aquila and Priscilla host English camp outreaches in 2022.