A Long View of God’s Work

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to this school in the village and when I went back, I got a long view of God’s work through the years.

Teaching Kids of Former Students

I, Pastor Ato, am excited to give you some information about my trip to a gospel camp for kids (August 12-14, 2016) held at a mission school started by my mother church. I taught at this school full time for seven years some 23 years ago. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to this school in the village and when I went back, I got a long view of God’s work through the years. Most of the kids studying there now are the children of my former students. I am really thrilled to see them and have the gospel preached to them.

Many of their teachers are my students from back in my day. So it is like I am a grandpa to many of the students. The reason I went is because the missionary who organized this gospel camp invited all the former teachers from my village to attend. There are 16 of us all together.

I took the main part in preaching at the camp. What a privilege it was to teach a young generation again and get the long view of God’s Work! You know, most of my former students have become Christians today. At the beginning of my ministry there 1982, there were only three families who became Christian in that village—two families and a single lady. But today when I think of them, the whole village of has become Christians. What a joy to see those churches today! I just thanked the Lord for his marvelous grace and work there.

Former Students Doing God’s Work

The students are very good in prayer too. I heard that 25 of our former students have studied theology and serve the Lord in various capacities. I can think of five pastors and one evangelist in their areas. 

You know, I feel that God will use these backward tribes to reach many other people in the days to come. I am glad that I could be a part in that ministry 29 years ago. I can see the long view of the fruits of my work there. The seeds that I planted in that area germinated, grew up, bloomed, and are bearing its own fruits today.

I now feel that starting a school in an area where there is lot of opposition and hardships is very good. Because we can do many things through schools. I taught Christian ethics and Bible every day. I taught them tonic solfa, staff notation, composed songs for them, and translated some songs in their language. Today they are teaching one another by themselves.

Ministry and Life in the Dark Days

I used to visit different villages sometimes every week or monthly (regularly) with students and staff. In those days there were no roads. I walked only on foot from village to village passing through the thick jungle. When the distance was too long I used to take my lunch to eat on the way. Sometimes I was afraid of tigers and bears.

There was no electricity. My students used to burn pine wood by splitting it into pieces for studying at night, because they hardly get even kerosene and could not afford to buy it. There were no shops, so I couldn’t buy anything. Do you know how much I was paid? ₹ 700 per month = ($10 per month in today’s value, 29 yrs ago). When I got married, two hundred rupees was increased, which is equivalent to $3 dollars today. So I used to say my wife is three dollars worth.

Those non-Christians did not want to sell even rice to us, so we had to go to a very long distance to buy rice for our daily food. But today, roads have been constructed, electricity is coming very soon, posts have already been erected, and temporary wiring is being done now. You can find shops in every village now. Buses are taking alternative days connecting to towns. I say the dark area has seen the light today.

Long view

Like Corn Puffs Up When Fried

There are many more, but let me stop from here today. To God be the glory for this long view! God bless you. Together we are doing the work. When I gave an altar call at the camp, lots of children stood up and accepted Christ on Saturday night. They prayed and made a sound like corn puffs up when fried. Pray for them.

In His name,