What Does a Lead Trainer Do All Day?

The Church Leadership Training project operates through the dedicated lead trainers they’ve raised up over the years. But what does a lead trainer do?

The Church Leadership Training project in East Asia operates mainly through the dedicated lead trainers they’ve raised up over the years. Since this project’s goal is to train East Asian church leaders to train other East Asian church leaders in biblical doctrine and evangelism, it only makes sense.

And God has provided many of those lead trainers who understand the need and are ready to meet it with a solution. But what does a lead trainer do all day?

Well, in the case of Tai-hua, he keeps his day job where he is a lead pastor of a network of ten house churches in East Asia.

Tai-hua Is Spiritually and Practically Mature

Tai-hua holds a position that not many men hold in their late 30s. Typically, lead pastors are much older. But Tai-hua is spiritually and practically mature. He also benefitted from another unusual advantage. He was raised in a Christian home by godly parents and came to know Christ at a young age.

Tai-hua now has a family of his own and has been a student in the Church Leadership Training program for many years. Today his role as a lead trainer is one of his passions and joys.

Tai-hua Faces Challenges

But Tai-hua has not been without his “thorn in the flesh.” Last year, Tai-hua began having problems with his eyesight. He suffered from double and blurred vision. It was severe enough that he could not even walk alone on the streets of his hometown. The doctors determined it was a problem in the brain, and left Tai-hua with only one option—to pray and trust God.

Having come to that decision, he and members of his church network came together daily to pray for him. Today, his vision is clear and is convinced this is another evidence of God’s grace in his life.

Tai-hua Perseveres

Even with this handicap, Tai-hua is passionate about raising up the next generation of leaders in his church network and throughout East Asia. Tai-hua will lead systematic training for Sunday school teachers and pastors in his own network of churches and in networks in the surrounding area. In this training, Tai-hua uses the material and teaching style he learned from the Church Leadership Training program.

As a result of this man’s effort, other believers have been equipped and motivated to begin making disciples. Many are working to serve the needs of the poor while sharing the good news with them. Many have come to Christ. Plus, these well-trained leaders are now leading college ministries, Bible studies, and worship.

God is doing a great work through the lead trainer, Tai-hua, and we are praying for more men like him to share his vision for ministry.


Header photo by Huang Jinhui/wikimedia commons