Just Like Zacchaeus

Brother Elom hadn’t made restitution with the people he offended. Now, just like Zacchaeus, Elom has made restitution.

Regarding His Former Life 10 Years Later

God is working throughout Togo to save people from their sin and shame through Jesus. One man, Brother Elom, was a former thief and gang star, and hadn’t fulfilled all the marital duties to his wife. He was saved and baptized in 2011, but it wasn’t until 10 years later, during this year’s youth seminars and spiritual revivals facilitated by Live Global partner Pastor Joseph Akakpo, that Elom became attentive to the Holy Spirit regarding his former life.

Brother Elom hadn’t made restitution with the people he offended, including his wife and parents, during the years of his spiritual blindness. But, praise the Lord, during the spiritual revival in March, Elom contacted his local pastor and Joseph to get help settling all the negative issues in his life which are preventing him from bearing abundant fruit for the glory of God.

Settling All Cases

Now, just like Zacchaeus, the tax collector in the Bible, Elom has made restitution. Pastor Joseph helped Elom reconcile with his parents, and his father forgave him and poured fatherly blessings upon him. Then he made restitution and reconciliation with people he offended through theft especially. Unfortunately many had died, but he was able to settle all cases with those alive.

Elom shaking hands with someone

“Praise the lord, Pastor Tchao and I worked with him diligently since the beginning of the week and finished this afternoon. I am so happy and proud for Brother Elom for his attentiveness of the Holy Spirit as He speaks to him to change. He is no more ashamed of his previous bad behaviors but rather bold to confess his sins and be in peace with every person. People who are hearing the new direction and steps he is taking praise the Lord. Somebody asked me, ‘Elom too?’ I said yes with boldness on his behalf. Yes, he is free indeed as he shows in his daily walk and face.”

Pastor Joseph

Brother Elom has also settled all cases with his wife. He will be giving the dowry to his wife’s family after having four children with her during the past fifteen years.

“Only the Holy Spirit Through His Word”

“What a great restitution of this in the Lord. Yes, only the Holy Spirit through His Word can do this miracle in a human’s life for transformation.”

Pastor Joseph