How the Vegetable Lady Learned About Jesus

The vegetable lady’s family studied the truths in the book. It was the only literature they had ever seen with the story of the Savior.

In 2020, brother Sam and his family relocated from their home region to an area where many
unreached people, including their vegetable lady, lived. Most of these groups had never heard the name of Jesus.

Meeting the Vegetable Lady

Sam opened a barber shop as a way to meet his neighbors. He also taught guitar to some of the
local youth. A vegetable seller began to stop by his house and Sam would always buy vegetables.
Over the next few weeks, he learned that this vegetable lady lived 15 miles away and would travel
between the two towns weekly to sell vegetables. By December, Sam and his wife were good friends with their vegetable lady.

They invited her to their home for Christmas where the vegetable lady and her two daughters witnessed Christians from different ethnic groups, including some Nepalis, share a meal and talk about the meaning of Christmas. They had never seen people from different groups enjoying such wonderful friendships.

For Two Years the Family Studied

After dinner, Sam gave the woman a gospel booklet called “The Ancient Path.” After
they returned home, the vegetable lady’s two daughters began reading the booklet over and over. They told their parents, “We want to become Christians.” Their parents objected so the girls began teaching their parents the gospel story. For two years, the vegetable lady’s family studied the truths presented in the little book. It was the only literature they had ever seen with the story of the Savior.

the ancient path

What Happened to The “Christmas Man?”

In 2021, the family decided to return for Christmas and ask brother Sam to tell them about how
they could follow Jesus. Sadly, when they arrived the house was locked. Sam’s wife had become
ill which necessitated the family’s return to their hometown. The vegetable lady and her two girls went
home sad, but they didn’t give up. On every trip to Sam’s former town to sell vegetables, they
would ask what happened to their “Christmas man.”

In 2022, Sam and his family returned to the area, but they could not find a house to rent in their
old community, so they were forced to settle in a town even farther away. One day Sam received
a phone call that brought joy to his heart. Someone had provided his phone number to the
vegetable lady.

Reconnecting to Trust Christ

“We eagerly want to become Christians,” the vegetable lady and her family asked on the phone. “What should we do?”

Sam jumped on his motorcycle and drove three hours. He spent the day clearly explaining the Gospel and the father, the mother, and the two girls all accepted Christ that day. Sam explained to them about water
baptism and told them to let him know when they were ready to take this step.

In May of 2022 they called and on June 1st the Director of the missions group met them all,
confirmed their commitment to Christ, and baptized the whole family.

Two years, one little book, and the memory of the Christmas friendships and the Christmas man
brought this vegetable lady and her family from the dark bonds of Buddhism to the light of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.