How God Used a Cafe to Share Christ

God used a faithful radio listener’s favorite care to share Christ. When one man heard Good News, he passed it on over coffee.

One year ago, when Covid was still new around the globe, an elderly man in Cyprus asked for a DVD of the Jesus Film. Every day, he listened to the gospel focused programs broadcast across the fragile region. When he called, Chrys answered as she does every night. In September of the year Covid came, Chrys sent a Jesus film DVD to the hopeful old man. Since his wife is an invalid, the couple watched the DVD over and over. They showed it to the woman who comes to help care for his wife. Then, God prepared to use the old man’s favorite cafe to share Christ.

A Daily Invitation to Get Good News

Every night, after the reading of scripture in three languages, the Cyprus Radio Station invites listeners to call. Still at the Station or back home, Chrysso answers the phone. On the night the old man called in 2020, she made notes about his call to ask for a film about Jesus.

Like many men in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures, the man made a habit of meeting at the cafe with neighborhood men. Theo and Chrys knew the old man shared what he heard, because, “From that same street, 3 men called those days.”

Using a Cafe to Share Christ

Good News about Christ had become the conversation at the cafe. Other men began to listen, and they called for resources to hear the Good News for themselves.

“The most exciting though, was that one of these men, called again to ask me to send another New Testament to a deaf man!! Imagine that. A deaf man cannot listen to our programs, yet the Lord finds a way through another person, to give him the good news written!! Praise His name!”

From its strategic position in the arc of the Middle East, the Radio Ministry faithfully broadcasts Good News. Listeners tune in to hear God’s Word in the privacy of their own homes and vehicles. Many pick up the phone and call the number shared nightly. God is working as Gospel goes out over the air waves. He’s even using a gathering of neighbors in a cafe to share Christ with those who can hear and a neighbor who cannot.

It took many years and persistence in the Cypriot Supreme Court to obtain a broadcasting license. Broadcasting Authority fees and costs for equipment keep Theo and Chrys trusting God to provide. He works miracles in every place, even in a cafe.

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