How God Brought a Myanmar Community to Christ

God used a small group strategically as the Myanmar community leader’s daughter was one of the first who read gospel booklet.

Tungpi and his team have started an outreach in a new area outside of Yangon, Myanmar. The country is still under miliary control and covid is still a factor, but that hasn’t stopped Live Global partners in Myanmar from continuing to push out into unreached areas. 

“We are praying for this church that we planted in this new area as these people have never heard the gospel before,” Tungpi said. “But now there are about 10 families that we visit regularly.”  Five people have decided to receive Christ and about 20 people are on the road to receiving Christ.“

“Our Vision for 2022 Is To Strengthen This New Church”

Tungpi’s team began going to this area of Myanmar regularly to meet people and pass out copies of The Ancient Path—a Gospel booklet designed to help people in this part of the world understand that Christianity is not a western religion.

“After two years of passing out The Ancient Path gospel tract and sharing the good news in this area, we planted a Church called New Life Community Church.” 

After visiting consistently in this area, Tungpi’s team started a children’s ministry. 

“We started with a children’s ministry and through the kids we were able to meet their parents, uncles and aunties, then we opened a small group for Bible Study and many parents joined !”

Community Leader Becomes a Follower

God used this small group strategically as the community leader’s daughter was one of the first who read The Ancient Path and then came to an outreach meeting that Tungpi arranged for those interested in learning more. 

“It was after this meeting that we planted the church and the community leader’s daughter was the first person who accepted Christ, and soon after—so did her husband and daughter!” 

Now, the Community Leader has accepted Christ, along with his whole family. “He has made the decision to only worship and trust Jesus Christ, and now he is reaching all his relatives.”

baptism of community

A Path to Bring More Communities to Christ

When Tungpi saw the enthusiasm of the team that helped start New Life Community Church, he realized that God was using these young people and as a result, the youth were strengthened and prepared for the difficult times that followed in 2021. 

Student Discipleship

“Initially, I started with seven young people. Now, this group has grown to seventeen. I challenge these Christian students to pass out The Ancient Path Gospel booklet and then ask their friends questions like ‘Do you know the purpose of your life?'”

The students in this group have committed to talking about the Gospel with their Buddhist friends, using this gospel booklet.  

students learning

The Power Behind the Word

Behind these evangelism activities is a group of women (Myanmar nationals), including Tungpi’s wife, who meet every Wednesday in different homes to study the Bible and pray for the nations. In addition to encouraging more women to join, the group also visits widows and mothers who have not been able to attend church.

“They encourage them and pray with them to bring them closer to God.”  

A Heart’s Desire

“My desire to fulfill the Great Commission by reaching unreached people groups and making disciples has not changed, even though the political situation and the pandemic have closed down many of the ways we could work before”.

Tungpi has discovered different tools to teach and train his team to be able to communicate the message of God’s great love for mankind. One way is a tool that uses 61 segments of a Gospel movie to share their faith.

“Our country is in a strategic place to reach other unreached nations. We want to be ready when we have the opportunity to reach the nations.”

How to Pray for This Gospel Movement in Myanmar

  • Pray for freedom in sharing the Gospel
  • Pray for God’s protection from evil
  • Pray for Gods’ peace in the lives of the believers
  • Pray for new believers to grow strong in the faith

One Way to Partner withTungpi

Everyone has a role to play in the Great Commission. God is using Tungpi and his team (Myanmar nationals) to do the frontlines work of evangelism and discipleship in their country. And North Americans can come alongside Tungpi and his team to support them in their work through prayer and other ways Right now, Tungpi’s biggest request is for people to give to the student disciples project to help outreach and discipleship training of students to continue.