How a Christian School Can Impact a Community

Hope Christian School is an important ministry of their church and provides opportunities to reach families around them.

An Open Door for Evangelism

Pastor Juan Carlos Escobar and his wife Alejandra have been church planters in Paraguay for many years. They began their ministry in Ciudad del Este (City of the East), on Paraguay’s border with Brazil, over 26 years ago. God has used their faithfulness to make a lasting impact on their community. Hope Christian School is an important ministry of their church and provides opportunities to reach families around them.

Many of the families with children in the school are not yet believers. They see the testimony of the students, teachers, and staff of the school. They want their children to learn biblical values and Christian principles. This opens the door for evangelism and discipleship.

How 13 Family Members Come to Christ

Fifteen years ago, Enzo was one of the first students, age 5. His family were not believers. Soon he was sharing what he learned about Jesus with his single mom, his uncles and aunts, his cousins, and grandparents. Eventually he and 12 of his family members came to faith in Christ and were baptized. They are all active in church ministry, including Enzo, a young adult, who is part of the music and youth ministries.

Pastor Juan Carlos says, “The school’s motto is ‘a generation with values and vision.’ The education is biblical and Christ-centered. It is dynamic, creative, and interactive so that each student might have a holy heart and a healthy mind. With this foundation, the student will be useful to himself, to his family, and to society.”

From Humble Beginnings to a First Graduation

Hope Christian School started in 2006 with rented space, with unpaid staff, used furniture, and a handful of kindergarten students. Now there are 70 students from kindergarten to Grade 9. The school has a staff of certified teachers, classroom aides, and administrators. In December 2021, they celebrated the school’s 15th anniversary and the graduation of the first group of 9th graders. The church building used by the school is a work in progress. When God provides funds, the church will build classrooms for grades 10 through 12.

first graduating class of 9th graders
First graduating class of 9th graders

Meanwhile, they are raising funds for classroom construction. They are also expanding the scholarship fund to add more students whose families can’t afford tuition. Three students currently receive full scholarships, and three others receive half scholarships. The school is also raising money to outfit a computer lab.

Here are some suggestions for praying and giving.


  • Leadership, faculty, and staff to demonstrate the Gospel and biblical values.
  • Students and their families to come to faith in Christ.
  • Community to be impacted for Christ through this ministry


  • Construction $1,000 to $5,0000
  • Computer lab $250 to $500
  • Scholarship fund $55/month or $700/year