Helping the Unreached Get Closer to Jesus

God is using this couple to minister to unreached people, grow and mobilize the church, and share the gospel with those scattered from India.

God is using Mark and Shoni to reach the unreached in the Philippines. They minister to families and businessmen and mobilize local churches to reach out to others.

Ministering to New Sikh Families

We were able to visit and minister to new Sikh families and share Christ with them in different locations. They were able to hear gladly about Jesus and some have responded to receive Christ and some are still in the decision-making process. We are in constant touch with them and I am sending daily bible verses and devotionals to them that will enable them to get closer to Jesus. We are also having them join our churches wherever they live.

Mobilizing Others to Adopt Indian Diaspora

Mark and Shoni know they cannot reach the Indian diaspora in the Philippines alone. They have a heart to mobilize others. Their desire is to multiply outreach.

“We have been mobilizing the local Filipino churches, and some other Indian burdened men and women of God to make this work effective. We have decided to go to different regions of the Philippines and challenge Filipino churches to adopt Indian diaspora in their ministries.”

Ministering to Unreached Sindhi Businessmen

Every Wednesday Mark and Shoni minister to Sindhi businessmen. They help them grow in the Lord and become disciple-makers among the Sindhi community. The Sindhi are a large unreached people group in the world. Because of the tragedies experienced in the partition of India and Pakistan, they are hesitant in mixing with others. They don’t easily share their faith with other Sindhis. These people left India to remain Hindu. But Mark says, “We praise God, many of them are now in Christ.”

Growing a New Branch of the Church

During the pandemic the church that we have started in Angeles city, one and half hours drive from Metro Manila, is now growing. We visit there once a month to encourage the pastor over there to do ministry without any feeling of loneliness, and we make that meeting for the spiritual growth sessions for new believers and we try to have it evangelistic for newcomers. The number of people in that church now is growing from the Sikh community. In this city there are almost 3000 Sikh families …

Printing Punjabi Resources

Mark and Shoni assisted in translation of The Ancient Path in the Punjabi language. This version has been printed and is used to share the gospel with Sikh friends. Pastor Mark says, “I believe the Lord will speak to them and convict them that Jesus Christ is the only God and Savior.”

God is using this passionate couple to minister to unreached people, mobilize the church, and share the gospel with those scattered from India to the Philippines. To help in this exciting work, make a difference here.